What Are the Different Types of Addictions?


Did you know that drug and alcohol additions cost the United States over $600 billion every year?

Battling addiction can be not only costly but deadly. No matter what addiction you or a loved one has, it’s possible to get help and heal.

Are you wondering if a friend or family member is suffering from a harmful addiction? Keep reading to learn all about the different types of addictions.

  1. Drugs

When it comes to the different types of addiction, illicit drugs are a huge category. Not only are these drugs illegal, but they can be extremely dangerous. Illicit drugs include heroin, cocaine, meth, and much more.

A person can get into drugs through peer pressure, depression, or even just curiosity. Either way, it can lead to a life-threatening addiction.

If you think your spouse is battling addiction, then read this article.

  1. Alcohol

While alcohol is legal only for people aged 21 and up, it’s not too difficult for minors to get their hands on it. At any age, an addiction to alcohol can be fatal.

Not only can alcohol affect your job performance and personal relationships, but it can destroy your liver and overall health.

For some people, alcohol makes them violent, which could result in a spouse, or other loved one being injured or worse. This is why it’s important to get professional help as soon as possible.

  1. Prescription Drugs

When it comes to addiction types, prescription drugs can be a huge problem. Even if a drug is legal and prescribed, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to become addicted to it.

If someone takes more than their prescribed dose, for instance, then this is a slippery slope that can lead down a dangerous road of addiction. However, even if you stick to your prescription, there are certain drugs that are so powerful they still have the potential to make you addicted.

  1. Behavioral Addictions

When thinking of the different kinds of addiction, it’s important to know that there are behavioral addictions as well. For instance, television and video games can be just as addicting as drugs and alcohol.

These kinds of addictions can lead to a sedentary lifestyle that drains your health. With video games, for instance, the expenses can also drain your bank account.

In general, an addiction is something that you don’t have control over. Addictions can take over your life and change it for the worse. However, getting professional help can work wonders for getting rid of any addiction.

Ready to Fight Against Different Types of Addictions?

Now that you’ve learned all about the different types of addictions, you can be ready to fight against any and all. Addictions can be scary and dangerous, but that doesn’t mean they are incurable. It’s always important to get professional help so that the addicted person can heal and thrive.

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