3 Ways Pediatric Dentists Differ From General Dentists

If you have children, you are probably aware of the importance of biannual teeth cleanings and dental checkups to their general well-being (and your own). Regularly visiting a dentist helps prevent oral decay and disease, as well as the health implications associated with gum disease. While bringing them to your general doctor is an option, it is not the only one. There is also pediatric dental care St Johns County. What exactly makes pediatric dentists different from general dentists, you may ask? The answer is, a great deal.

  1. Experience

Pediatric dentists deal solely with children, so they end up having more experience with them than general doctors. Since many practice general dentistry before going into pediatric specialization, they also have familiarity with other age groups. Furthermore, kid dentists actually spend two or three more years studying child mindsets, development and behavior than is required for general dentistry practice in order to better understand and treat them.

  1. Environment

The atmosphere in a pediatric teeth care facility is more suited to kids. Games and more youthful, fun decorations and bright colors are included to put them at ease. There are also steps taken to make the processes less frightening.

  1. Focus

Dentists specializing in caring for youths’ teeth do not have the same treatment focus as general practitioners. Younger, developing teeth have less existing issues and are not the same as adult teeth. They actually possess a greater possibility of decaying and getting cavities. Therefore there is more emphasis placed on preventative measures like space maintainers and fluoride washes. There is also more education on proper tooth care and habit building.

It is important to consider all possible choices when picking a practice to oversee part of your children’s health. Pediatric dental practices are specially equipped to care for children’s teeth and keep them healthy.

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