Velpeau Bandage: Indications for application and technique

The basis of First Aid for injuries is the ability to apply bandages, which reduces pain, aimed at stopping bleeding, preventing further injuries and possible complications. Velpeau bandage is also used quite often. With Erste-Hilfe Kurs München you will learn that thanks to its method, the task of helping a person who suffered a shoulder girdle injury has been greatly simplified.

When is a Velpeau bandage necessary?

Velpeau bandage is mostly used for the correction of dislocation of the shoulder joint, and in clavicle fracture, as it guarantees the inviolability of the shoulder and is applied until the injured person is admitted to the hospital.

Erste hilfe kurs hauptbahnhof münchen explains that it prevents possible bone displacement or re-loss of the joint from the joint bag. And the third area of application on obedience to erste hilfe kurs günstig – postoperative recovery, when the breast is removed. 

What do you need to apply the bandage?

As with other surgical procedures, the Velpeau bandage requires a bandage, preferably elastic. In addition to the dressing, günstige erste hilfe kurse emphasizes that you will need a small roller, which is placed in the armpit. It can be made from any handy tool. Unlike other methods, the Velpeau bandage is applied to fix the right limb by bandaging from left to right, and to fix the left limb – from right to left.

How to make a bandage?

The bandage begins with circular-spiral tours around the chest and the affected arm, going into the healthy axillary region, then along the back surface of the chest obliquely upward to the injured forearm and supraclavicular region, crossing the clavicle. After that, the bandage goes vertically down the injured shoulder under the elbow joint, picking it up from below, and obliquely rises to the axillary region of the healthy side.

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