Your Guide To Taking Good Care Of Aircon To Prevent Repair  


Eating ice cream with an electric fan turned on can help beat the heat, but you can make everything better with an aircon. The coolness of an aircon unit with routine servicing maintenance in Singapore produces much cooler air and centralises the temperature in a room.

With an air conditioner, you can beat the heat along with your family members and people who will visit you in your home. The only way for this leisure activity to last a long time is to take good care of your aircon units. Doing so should prevent your air conditioner from breaking down, and you will not end up suffering from the extreme heat.

Part I: 8 Ways To Prevent Your AC From Breaking Down

Like other appliances, buying an aircon, let alone getting repair service in Singapore, is not that cheap. You will have to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to buy a brand-new one in the market.

To avoid shouldering unnecessary expenses, learn how to take good care of your aircon units. Knowing the ways will help keep them in good condition and prevent them from breaking down.

1.  Regularly Change The Air Filter

Air conditioners today do not just produce cool air, but they can also filter dust, pollen, and other allergens. The purpose of an aircon filter is to keep the air flowing through your heating and cooling system clean.

Without the air filter of an aircon unit, the dirt and dust will cause damage to the HVAC system and other mechanical components. Bringing your aircon unit to a repair specialist in Singapore is the only way to fix the problem.

2.  Close The Curtains, Windows, And Doors

This idea might seem silly but closing the curtain, windows, and doors, including other openings, will keep the coolness that an air conditioner produces inside the room. Doing so also helps reduce the hot temperature that seeps from outside your room or home, allowing your aircon units not to work as hard to keep your place cool.

3.  Use A Ceiling Fan

Another way to prevent aircon units from breaking down and needing aircon repair is to use a ceiling fan. These two appliances will work together to reduce the hot temperature in your home and keep the coolness more centralised.

4.  Turn Off The Lights

While it is true that lights are an apparatus that gives light to any place, lights also give off heat. Try touching them, and your fingers will slowly burn, especially if you have been using the lights for hours.


But the heat coming from the lights can make the room slightly warmer, which is why you should turn off the lights when turning your air conditioner on. You will notice that your home becomes much cooler if you do this.

5.  Get Aircon Chemical Wash

Changing the filter of your aircon units does not keep the internal components clean. After six months of continuously using air conditioners, they will require an aircon chemical wash in Singapore.

It is a cleaning process that uses a particular chemical that helps dissolve the airborne bacteria, dirt, and dust accumulated over a few months. If you skip this routine, you will only be risking your health. You can expect to develop health problems such as asthma and allergies if you continue using your uncleaned aircon units.

6.  Keep The Exterior Clear

Apart from the interior of your aircon units, keep the exterior clean and clear from tree branches and other elements. Similar to the interior, the exterior components will also accumulate much more dust, dirt, and debris.

Without cleaning this part and clearing the area around it, you can expect there will be a considerable impact on the air quality of your home and the coolness your aircon units can produce.

To keep the exterior of your aircon units clean, you only need to use a water hose spray to remove the accumulated particles. In this process, you may use a coil cleaner, but you have to let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing off foams.

7.  Check Any Signs Of Leaks

The next thing you need to do is check if your aircon units are leaking. Remember that when the refrigerants show signs of leaking, your aircon units might lose their cooling power.

Since this problem is a bit technical, it would be best to call for an expert in an aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore. This service comes with cleaning and fixing the existing problem of your aircon units.

8.  Scheduling Air Conditioner Maintenance

Calling an expert once every year can also help keep your aircon units in good condition. But even if the time is not almost a year, and you notice some problems with your air conditioner, you should call for a professional aircon repair service immediately to prevent the issue from worsening.

Part II: 3 Ways To Prepare Your Aircon Units For Repair Services In Singapore

Once you have called for an aircon repair service in Singapore, get everything ready. Your home, your kids, and even your pets (if you have one). Being prepared will allow you to get the most out of the professional you engaged with or hired.

1.  Clear The Area Around The AC

Before the aircon repair specialist comes in, clear the surrounding area of your aircon units inside out. If you place your air conditioners above your couch, consider moving your sofa to a different place. Doing so allows the aircon repair specialist to work more comfortably and efficiently.

2.  Know The AC Model Number


Like when calling for an aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore, let the expert know the AC model number ahead of time. The information will help them a lot. They can prepare the tools needed to clean and fix your aircon units.

3.  Have The Aircon Maintenance Schedule And Repair Service Ready

Besides taking your children (and pets if you have one) somewhere else and taking a day off, you should get all the records of your aircon units. This document will help the expert assess what happens and know the cause of the problem.

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