The Garden Building and the Smart Arrangement for Your Child

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Do you have an outdoor terrace or garden area and want to please your child? Give him a nice little garden house. Whether it is a boy or a girl between 1 year and 5 years old, this toy will make everyone unanimous and happy. But how to choose well given the wide choice of models and prices offered? There you can consult summerhouses uk there.

Several questions arise when choosing the right model:

  • How many children are going to play with? There are models of all sizes
  • How old is the child? The models are often from 24 months old but our daughter was able to play in it as soon as she walked so much earlier.
  • The house will be exposed to the wind in this case it is better to think heavy and robust.
  • How long would you like to keep it for? If you think in years I suggest you think quality so as not to take the risk of having a house whose colors will be faded and which will not be very attractive in your outdoor space (Anti-UV treated)

Below are some links from known sites to familiarize you with thebrand and the different models:

Do not hesitate to compare prices because there are regular specials and good deals, as much buy at the best price.

Our personal selection: Agarden house

  • After comparing the different brands at length, we decided to buy a small house and a slide later from thebrand.
  • The house is medium in size (house dimensions: 120 x 115 x 135 cm) because we only have one adorable little princess and we live in an apartment so we only have a terrace.
  • Living in the South of France our little houseregularly faces the mistral and the tramontane and I must say that it holds very well in place because robust and heavy enough not to fly away.
  • The range of bright red and green colors is very nice and we have since bought aslide (two steps therefore suitable for children under 2 years) of the same colors for a beautiful playground.
  • MY HOUSE is the contemporary home for little ones. It offers a roof with dog-sitting, 2 windows with shutters, 2 portholes, 2 gates and an electronic bell. French made.
  • Dimensions : L: 1.2 mxl: 1.15 mx H: 1.35 m
  • Weight : 15 kg
  • From 24 months
  • Certified by the European Community (CE)
  • Treated anti-UV, the cabin will keep its pretty colors and will remain resistant over time.

Find the best prices here

Suggestions for optimizing your child’s play space

Being very satisfied with the quality of our daughter’s smallgarden house, we completed this purchase with the purchase of a slide.

We bought a model with two steps because our daughter is less than two years old, but know that there are models with 3 or 4 steps for older children

As for colorsoffers many nice colors that will brighten up the playing field: Our choice fell on a red and green model like the little house but I admit that I like turquoise and green or even raspberry and green also a lot… but you had to make a choice. Below are some links to well-known sites so you can get an idea for yourself and choose the one you like the most.

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