A Meditation App For Every Situation: Powered by Glo

Glo is an online yoga and meditation site that is dedicated to its viewers. They have dozens of instructors and thousands of videos that cover topics from prenatal care, children’s productions, and challenges for seasoned souls. You can use the meditation portion as a meditation app. The IT team at Glo made it possible for individuals to download all of the pieces so that you can watch them on your laptop, phone, or tablet. Meditation pairs with yoga. The two work to balance the body and emotions. Using guided meditations can help you stay focused and get into a gentle mental state where you can give up stress and worry.

If you want a meditation app without any video, Glo has got you covered. Having both audio and video meditations gives you variety. Some days or situations may call for audio cues only while other times you may want to see the instructor. The choice is all yours at Glo.

Walking Meditation

Glo’s meditation app for walkers is the perfect way to release pent up energy, and it helps stretch your legs out if you have been sitting for long periods. The exercise can be done indoors or outside. The beginning and end have you in a seated position, but you can use a park bench, sandy beach, or grassy lawn if you are outdoors. Because it is a meditation app, you can take it with you to any location. If it is a rainy day and you want to take the walk, clear a little space in your home, and you can still benefit from the mind and body movement.

Resting Meditation For Children

If you have ever put a restless child down for a nap or to bed, you know they can become fussy or worse. Glo has several meditations geared towards young minds and for the young at heart. Mr. Harker leads one program, and he will walk your child through a relaxation process so that they can easily get to sleep. His voice is soothing and floating; he encourages the listener along the way and makes it almost effortless. Young people can learn to put themselves to sleep. The meditation could make lasting changes in them that they can take into adulthood.


Having a frantic day? Everyone has days that do not go his or her way, but instead of breaking down, take a pause and refresh. The instructor will guide your thoughts and muscles into a relaxed state. A busy mind can run away with negative thoughts, but taking a step back and using a meditation app to help you regroup will allow you to think more clearly and approach problems with a new perspective. Breathing plays a crucial role in this program, so you may feel the breath carrying the emotions away and bringing in light.

Take 10 For Yourself

In Glo’s sanctuary video meditation, an individual can escape to his or her inner world for 10 minutes of peace. First, the instructor will help you get in the correct seated position. Your posture will align your spine and energy so that you can get the most out of the meditation. Amy takes you to a safe place where you can free yourself. It does not matter where you are physically. The process is inner work.


  1. The team at Glo is focused on bringing quality material to their fans. They want to make it easy to meditate. They offer a variety of styles and methods to keep boredom away. The meditation app can be used to perk you up, see a situation through new eyes, or to rinse worries away.
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