3 Reasons Not To Skip Your Trip to the Dentist

When you’re facing a tight budget, it can be tempting to eliminate anything that’s not urgent. For many people, dental care ends up falling into this category. Skipping routine dental care, however, can lead to major problems down the road.

  1. Plaque and Tartar Build Up Even If You Brush

Many people believe that brushing and flossing are enough to maintain their oral health, but there are some things your toothbrush just can’t do. If you allow plaque and tartar to build up, you’ll increase your risk of gum disease, tooth loss and oral decay. Regular cleanings by a practitioner of family dentistry Highland Park IL can remove plaque and tartar in hard-to-reach areas such as the back molars and beneath your gum tissue.

  1. Poor Oral Health Increases Your Risk of Disease

Gum disease and other oral issues are associated with heart problems, diabetes, renal disease and other serious health concerns. Irregular trips to the dentist and poor oral health increase the risk of a bacterial infection that can reach the bloodstream. During a dental appointment, a dentist can also detect issues with your jawbone or signs of dead tissue associated with tumors and oral cancer, which can be life-threatening when undetected.

  1. Routine Dental Care is Cost-Effective in the Long Run

A trip to the dentist may seem like a heavy financial burden, but it’s an investment that can save money down the line. Regular dental check-ups reduce the likelihood that you will need a more invasive, and thus more costly, intervention. Treatment for conditions like tooth loss, late-stage oral cancer, gum disease and other related diseases is far more expensive than routine check-ups.

If you want to protect your overall health and save money, don’t wait until you experience oral pain, bleeding gums or another urgent issue to see your dentist.

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