Less is More: 6 Tips for Modernising Your Home Interior Design

Sometimes, change can be good for your mental health. There’s a new situation or scenery where you can get motivation. It’s a breath of fresh air because you feel inspired by the changes in your life. So, if you’re looking for a change before the year ends, why not start with your home interior design. Since you’ll be staying most of your time at home, make it a place where you can feel excited to live every day.

If, for instance, you want to change those old curtains and repaint the living room walls because it reminds you more of the past than living in the present. Well, you should take action today and look for an interior design package in Singapore to modernise your home.

It may take some days or months to see a difference, but surely it will be worth your time and money! As you partner with your interior designer company in Singapore, here are some renovation design ideas you can use to make your home more modern.

How to Modernise Your Home in Simple Ways

Renovating a home doesn’t mean you have to change everything, from ceiling to floor. You can have slight differences like repainting the walls and seeing a significant change. Plus, you don’t need to invest a large amount of money in modernising your place because you can do it in simple ways with the help of your partnered interior designer company.

Here are some tips to inspire some renovation design ideas for your home in Singaporeto start the transformation.



Be Smart With Your Furniture and Decoration Choice

The one trick to make your home more modernised is to declutter, which means you have to be smart with your furniture and decoration choices. Before you buy new furniture, make a list of the items you want to retain. You can donate or give the things you might not need to your friends and family.

On the other hand, you can find some new purpose for the retained items and use them to redecorate your home. After making a list, you can now buy the things you need to upgrade your living space. You can also call the interior designer company to help you look for furniture and decoration to make your home look more modern.

Finally, remember that less is more in modern interior design. Only choose the pieces that will complement your overall living space.


1) Invest in Smart Devices


Modern interior design should also invest in smart devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, CCTVs, etc. All of these devices can make your home look more futuristic that can stand the test of time. Integrating technology into your interior design ideas in Singapore will improve your lifestyle management.

By connecting your mobile devices to the home tech, you’ll be able to live more conveniently. The devices can dim the light for you, play music, set alarms, and adjust settings. All of these can make your life easier and more comfortable. Don’t worry because you can find affordable yet high-quality smart home devices in the market.


2) Adjust the Lighting


The lighting can change the mood of your home. You can adjust it to have a solemn, peaceful, warm, energetic, or even coolness. Depending on your perspective, lighting should be a part of the interior design services in Singapore. This way, you can get the exact interior design style you want for your living space.

You can also ask the assistance from an interior designer company to adjust the lighting for your home. Since they are experts, ask them about the light bulbs, lamps, or other light sources to enhance the interior design.

Also, don’t forget to maximise the natural light from the sun. You can have more open space to make your home more spacious. As you find the right formula for the lighting, expect to enhance the overall living space.



3) Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

Gone are the days when you had to buy bookshelves, tables, chairs individually. There is now multi-purpose furniture that looks modern and supports a futuristic lifestyle. So, if you’re thinking about renovation design ideas, consider buying multi-purpose furniture to make your home interior design more modern.

Additionally, you can save more space with your multi-purpose furniture because you can use it in many ways. Instead of buying different home furniture, you can find it in one item that takes most of your space. Include this in your interior design services in Singapore to be smarter with your choices.

Keep in mind that modern interior design is about being efficient with your living space usage. It’s not about being extravagant or luxurious. Modern living means maximising every space in your home through integrating modern interior design ideas.


4) Choose Bright Colour Painting

Another way to make your living space look more modern is to paint it with bright colours. You can choose a white painting for the wall to give a minimalist look. You can also select lighter shades to provide a vibrant and modern ambience. Better yet, ask your interior designer company in Singapore about the colours that will fit your overall style.

Also, ask them if they can help you paint your home to give off that professional touch. See, renovating your home doesn’t require you to invest a large amount of money. All you have is to be smart with your choices. After all, less is more in modern interiors, so don’t overdo your renovation project and stick with your goals.


5) Open Plan Living

Open plan living means there are no barriers among different parts of your home, including the kitchen, living room, and dining room. Open plan living combines these rooms and makes them look more modern. To execute this style correctly, you can look for interior design services in Singapore to help you organise open plan living.

With this type of interior design, you can maximise your space and live in a more integrated place. Finally, remember that modern living is all about your comfortability over impressing other people.

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