How to Make Your Brake Pads Last Longer?

From creating friction through the wheels to making the car stop, brake pads have a rather important role to play. But in this course, brake pads tend to wear out and that affects their performances. But brake pads do not wear out evenly and this depends on the environment and the circumstances in which the car has been driven. However, certain tips can help you make your brake pads last longer.

How to make them last longer?

People might be worried about the ways to extend the brake pad’s health but it is certainly much simpler than we can think of. The easiest solution is to change the way you drive the car. Reckless driving and high-pressure exertion of the brakes lead to maximum wear and tear of the pads. Change your driving styles with these advices and see changes in your brake pad’s health:

  • Follow driving through the traffic by maintaining the flow. This will prevent you from braking unnecessarily and heavily.
  • Maintain a good distance from the car that is right ahead of you. This will help you pull off a nice and smooth stop in case you stop at the traffic light.
  • Keep your vehicle light and weightless. This will exert lesser pressure on the brakes.
  • Keep your speed low or moderate while driving through heavy traffics. This will prevent you from sudden braking.

Brakes can also be taken care of by washing the rotors nicely when the car is washed. This will wash off all the deposited dirt and dust. The accumulation of dirt and dust leads to added friction in the pads, resulting in their quick wear and tear. Keeping the dust out keeps the tyres and the rotors smooth and helps in easy brake engagement.

Brake inspection and services

You must take your car to an expert mechanic when you observe one or some of the following problems:

  • Squeaking, squealing, or grinding noises
  • Brakes that do not stop the car
  • Soft and extremely spongy brakes
  • Stiff or very hard brakes
  • Fluid leakages from the brakes
  • The constant glowing of the brake light
  • When the brake pads wear down below ¼ inches

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