Few Tips and Ideas for Design and Layout of Warehouse

Often people tend to think that designing the layout of warehouse is quite a simple job, but in realty it is quite a complex job. Any poor design can impact productivity, labor hours, picking time and safety aspects due to poor traffic flow.

Following are few of the design ideas that will be useful for input for any Stendel Reich distribution center architects.

  1. Define the objectives of warehouse

Before undertaking any design activity of any warehouse, it is important that designer must be clear about the objective of warehouse project.

  1. Learn about the local building codes

Before you start designing, it is essential that you know the local building codes. If you are located in seismic areas where certain special design consideration is needed then it should be considered.

  1. Obtain inputs from managers and contractors

It is very important to discuss with any experienced designers and contractors who can offer you certain valuable inputs, which will be really very useful for designing warehouse layouts.

  1. Try to obtain various historical data from old warehouses

It is very important to get data from various old warehouses which can be very useful input for designing any new warehouse.

  1. Try to understand how material will circulate

You need to understand how the material movement will take place inside the warehouse before you try to design them.

  1. Try to develop relationships between different areas of warehouse

After defining the project, it is quite necessary to find the relationships between various areas of warehouse and how they are interlinked during the operation.

  1. Try to test your theoretical design

Before you install various things in the warehouse, you may just walkaround the warehouse in order to test that all your designs that you have made so far will function as planned.

  1. Create process map

You must try to evaluate how your day to day activity will carry out so that you can identify the bottleneck area of the process and correct it.

  1. Try to understand about the inventory

You have to consider the actual list of inventories that you want to store in warehouse so that you get the idea about shape and size of the items to be stored in the warehouse.

  1. Make sure that there is enough lighting

If the lighting is poor in the warehouse then it will be difficult to search the item and that can also affect the productivity of the warehouse.

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