Dental Implants, A Great Option for Permanent Tooth Replacement

Dental implants are steadily increasing in popularity. Part of the reason is that they are a permanent replacement for missing teeth. They look and feel like natural teeth and people can continue eating and talking with no change, which often occurs with dentures and bridges. Following the procedure, the patient can continue to care for all their teeth the same way they always have. They no longer have to worry that the implant will fall out, need to be replaced or eventually decay.

Are Dental Implants for You?

If you are not sure if dental implants are the right choice for you, this overview from Mayo Clinic may help you decide.

Dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone. They are made of titanium and will permanently fuse with the jawbone. They will not decay, and they will not slip or cause issues with existing dental work like bridges. They are a permanent fixture in your mouth. While many may balk at the initial price of an implant, they need to understand that this is a permanent solution to your dental care.

What is the Process for Getting Dental Implants?

For those that have lost teeth or have severely damaged teeth, dental implants can replace missing teeth. Implants can enhance the smile, make the patient more confident, and make eating easier.

Those that have never had an implant may not be sure what to expect. The American Academy of Implant Dentistry describes the process of getting implants.

  1. There will be an initial consultation during which there will be X-rays and 3D images made of your mouth. You will then determine if you are healthy enough for the procedure and schedule a surgery date.
  2. During the next appointment, the implant dentist will place the dental implant in the jawbone where the tooth is missing. Local anesthesia or IV sedation is used for the process.
  3. Osseointegration: As the mouth heals, the implant will form a strong foundation for the replacement teeth. This can take up to a few months.
  4. Abutment placement: After the titanium implant bonds with the jawbone, an abutment is placed above the gumline.
  5. After the gums heal, the dentist will take an impression of the remaining teeth and custom design the newly implanted tooth.
  6. Checkups may be required a few months after the process to make sure you have healed. After that, you can visit your regular dentist as usual.

Do Not Live with Missing Teeth

Rather than living with gaps in your mouth due to missing teeth, look for dentists that are experts in dental implants. When you search for the top resources for dental implants Georgetown, you can get the help you need for your dental issues fast. Many dentists will install dental implants, but make sure you are going to an expert in implants to ensure you are happy with the final result.


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