Bamboo or Solid Hardwood Flooring – Which Is the Best Option

Bamboo and solid wood flooring have the same feel and look. The function they perform is also the same yet there are some differences. If you want to install timber flooring Gold Coast based flooring contractor 689 PTY LTD is a great option to talk regarding your upcoming project. Otherwise take your time and read a few major points about bamboo and solid timber flooring.

Bamboo flooring


  • It is a cheaper option than timber, so people prefer it.
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • It is hypo-allergenic. It means bamboo does not harbor pollen, dirt, and allergens so are perfect for people with respiratory issues.
  • Lasts long with proper use and maintenance.
  • You can install it over the existing substrate of wood, concrete, tiles, or plywood floor.
  • Eco-friendly alternative as it is a rapidly renewable crop.
  • The bamboo resins release negligible formaldehyde emissions, so is a healthy option for home flooring.


  • Bamboo is thin than hardwood, so its thermal benefit is not as great as solid wood.
  • It cannot be sanded or resealed.
  • You cannot buff out major scratches, so you are stuck with it until the floor gets replaced.
  • Bamboo can warp with temperature changes, so ensure to buy it from a reliable supplier.

Solid timber flooring


  • Timber offers natural warm and strong insulation.
  • You get to choose from a wide range of colors, grains, and species.
  • It is renewable.
  • It can be sanded and sealed many times, which ensures the flooring’s longevity.
  • Low maintenance and easy-clean.
  • It is hypo-allergenic just like bamboo.
  • You can lay solid timber flooring on any type of existing timber.


  • Timber is significantly costly.
  • It gets damaged when exposed to humidity and moisture.

In appearance, hardwood offers diversity in terms of looks, grain patterns, and feel. With bamboo, you get to choose from extensive varieties and get a look that matches your style. On the other hand, bamboo has low diversity, which lies in its construction types – vertical, flat, and stranded.

Quality control

Hardwood flooring has an extensive history of use, so it is rated for shape, size, evenness, moisture content, pattern, color consistency. Independent organizations offer ratings, which allow buyers to get an idea of the flooring quality then decide to buy.

Bamboo is not rated currently as it is still a new flooring product. So, you cannot get any information about product quality and reliability. If you choose to work with bamboo flooring, the best approach is to choose a reliable manufacturer or dealer to ensure that the bamboo is a source responsibly.

Bamboo flooring is trendy. For your bamboo flooring Gold Coast project visit 689 Pty LTD profile at FlooringDomain.com.au to find out more from an experienced supplier and installer. For an extensive range of choices, you can opt for solid hardwood. Besides, hardwood floors can be sanded and polished to regain its shine. It is a cost-effective approach rather than installing new flooring. Stay away from suppliers that claim their timber products can be installed in wet zones.

The final choice depends on your needs, budget, and the feel you wish to get from your house. Bamboo and hardwood floors have their pros and cons. Both look aesthetic and are low-maintenance.

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