Consider These 4 Key Factors In A Video Wall Supplier In Singapore!

In Singapore, many massive corporations, big retailers, and established advertisers have been facing and competing against the fiercest competition since the digital era started. The sudden occurrence of a LED video wall in Singapore became an efficient marketing tactic for many business brands. The thought of this technological discovery is becoming more of a benefit and significant investment for companies.

Suppose you want to invest in one and take the big step. Here are some pointers and considerations to help you find the right video wall supplier in Singapore for your business.


One term you should know before getting a video wall in Singapore is pixel pitch. This buzzword refers to the distance between the viewers and the LED lights. The finer the quality of your pixel pitch, the better the view is for the viewers without actually seeing individual LED lights. Generally, the most comfortable viewing distance from the spectator and LED light should be eight feet for every millimetre of the pitch. 

Remember, the closer the viewers are to the ideal minimum viewing distance, the viewing experience gets degraded, and their eyes start to see individual LED lights.


Display technology has revolutionised over the past few decades. Since the digital era started, display technology and resolution have stepped up their game. Now, you can score a 4K quality backdrop in Singapore. If you want to deliver a jaw-dropping, better viewing experience from any perspective, 8K quality should be your top preference.


Most video wall suppliers in Singapore offer hefty price rates but for a good reason. Most of the time, the lower the price they offer, the quality of the components used is at stake. The corners have uneven cuts in the manufacturing process. The quality of the video ranges from 1080P resolution or less. The secret here is to look for one that offers a quality original display setup, from the light output, colour properties, and voltage.


Another factor to consider with a video wall supplier in Singapore is their regulatory compliance. They should not ignore certification processes handed by the Republic. Consider doing business with an advertiser with certification. Well-established suppliers, by comparison, have licence and certifications fully in place. That said, you can easily acquire the permits required to install the display.

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