4 Things You Need For Your Singapore Permanent Resident Application

Lion City is home to almost half a million permanent residents. These individuals hailed from various nations and have fallen in love with the vibrant and forward-looking scene of the country. If you plan to become one of them soon, you should prepare a few things before submitting your Singapore permanent resident or PR application.

Singapore PR requirements are not as complicated as you think. You may even have most of them stored in a folder inside your laptop or closet. To help you become a permanent Lion City resident, here are the files you should prepare and submit:

1.  Your Most Recent Photo

You cannot become a permanent resident without allowing the authorities to verify that it is you who are applying. According to the Singapore Professional Immigration Consultancy, you will need a coloured digital passport-sized photo with a white background. You will include it in your application form with other documents required for Singapore PR.

2.  An Impressive Cover Letter

Most immigrants feel terrified about writing a cover letter for their PR application. But believe it or not, you do not have to be a skilled writer to make such a document. You will only need a piece highlighting your abilities and strengths while discussing your Singapore permanent resident eligibility.

3.  Your Identification And Employment Files

Aside from a photo and a cover letter, you will also need an identification card, birth certificate or family register, and a change of name or deed poll certificate. You will also need employment-related documents like a contract or business registration certificate along with your recent payslips. These Singapore PR requirements will allow the authorities to verify your identity and build your profile for their system.

4.  Complete Travel And Immigration Documents

Lastly, you should submit a copy of your most recent passport and a valid immigration pass with an entrepreneur, employment, student, or S-pass. Without these documents required for Singapore PR, you cannot prove that you are eligible to obtain a PR status.

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