Why should you buy mosque carpet?

Complete all the details of your house with this Mosques carpet. It is sure to give an entirely new look to any living space and make it a more pleasant place to live. Mosque carpet is composed of threads woven into a pattern, most often in the form of serrated irregular lozenges. The lozenges are then arranged symmetrically, usually but not always passing through a central point. The primary feature of the mosque carpet is the geometric design that provides a balance between opposing concepts such as symmetry and asymmetry, sophism, and autism.

 Mosque carpets are primarily used for covering prayer space, as well as for covering floors where religious ceremonies may take places such as the courtyard of a mosque or minaret. Mosque carpets offer unique design concepts. The symmetrical pattern allows for balance between opposing ideas such as symmetry and asymmetry. The colors, patterns, and designs on mosque carpets represent the spirituality of mosques through their geometric motifs. The basic carpet design is made up of a central three-dimensional shape representing the Kaaba in Makkah. Carpets are available in all sizes including an extra-long one for the main door.

Are mosque carpet geometric patterns woven?

Mosque carpets are a type of carpet consisting of complex geometric patterns woven into the ground cloth. For centuries they have decorated the prayer halls and minarets in Islamic places of worship. The mosque carpet is a handmade rug made to adorn the entrance of mosques. The patterned rug both enhances the environment and creates a sense of calm. Mosque carpets are a traditional part of Middle Eastern and South Asian culture, with centuries of tradition and history behind their creation.

The origins of mosque carpets harken back to pre-Islamic times in the Arabian Peninsula. Dating back over 500 years, the Mosque carpet is a stunning art form blending colors and geometry in the most graceful of ways. Mosque carpets are outstanding because of their intricate designs. The thick carpets designed by Kiran Rugs in California have a friendly pattern and elegant colors that fit in any kind of room or décor.

What is a Shabasti carpet?

The traditional mosque carpet is woven using a special woolen yarn, known as Shabasti, which is said to resemble the beard of the Prophet Muhammad. It is often made with a single color and pattern while other mosque rugs typically include many colors and patterns. Materials used include cotton, silk, and wool. The mosque carpet is the golden carpet where you can feel the peace and tranquility of God. It is softer than a rug and warmer than a wool blanket.

Mosque rugs are of great historical importance in Muslim culture. They are often made from different materials, most often wool and cotton. The Mihrab carpet is attractive because of its soft texture and multi-colored pattern. It is made of the finest materials, derived either naturally (such as silk with insect eggs) or man-made. When choosing carpet for your home you want to make sure it meets both your tastes and your lifestyle.

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