3 Common Types of Surgery

Surgeries can involve any part of the body and require either inpatient or outpatient care, depending of the serverity of the particular surgery. There are many things that people can do to help prevent the need to have surgery, but often these medical procedures are the best option for someone who is in pain. Here are three common types of surgery involving different parts of the body. 

1. Coronary Bypass Surgery

Coronary bypass surgery is sometimes needed when a section of an artery in your heart is partially or fully blocked. This procedure redirects blood around the blockage by taking a piece of a healthy blood vessel from another part of your body such as your arm or leg and using that as a new vessel. A successful coronary bypass will improve blood flow to the heart and alleviate some of the symptoms associated with heart blockages like shortness of breath and chest discomfort. 

2. Hand Surgery

Hand surgery refers to procedures involving the hands, wrists and forearms. If you have ongoing pain or other concerns in one or both of your hands, consulting a Hand Doctor Houston might be a good option for you. Some different types of hand surgery include:

  • Skin grafts, which replace skin that is missing from the hand for any reason
  • Tendon repair, which involves alleviating pain due to trauma or infection in the hands
  • Joint replacement, which replaces a severely arthritic joint in the hand with an artificial joint made of materials such as plastic, metal or silicone. 

3. Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a major procedure that involves the removal of damaged pieces of joint in the hip and replacing them with artificial joints. Completing regular physical therapy after the procedure helps to ensure a safe and speedy recovery. 

People undergo these three common surgeries for multiple reasons and the majority make a full recovery.

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