Facts About the Types of Decking Material For Your Dock


Whether you’re building a new dock or refinishing an old one, there are plenty of decking material options available to choose from. Learning about the pros and cons of each type will help you decide what flooring you want for your dock. Here are the most common choices on the market.


Wood is a natural and classic look for decks and docks West Palm Beach. Its low cost makes it a budget-friendly option. Maintenance requirements include pressure washing as needed and staining every few years so you need to be prepared for upkeep time with wood.

Plastic or Composite

For a lower maintenance option, you can choose plastic or composite decking. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can design your dock with aesthetics in mind. This fade-resistant option won’t need to be restained, but it does cost more than wood. Composite decking is often made from a combination of recycled materials and organic materials while plastic decking contains no organic materials. If your composite decking has organic materials in it, it may need to be replaced due to rot or decay.


With its ability to resist rot, warping and twisting, aluminum decking is one of the top choices for a dock. It can be powder coated to look like wood while offering easy clean-up and a low maintenance routine. It also reflects and dissipates heat, which means you won’t burn the bottoms of your feet on those brutally hot summer days.

Modified Wood

If you have a large budget and love the look of wood, but would rather skip the heavy maintenance, check out modified wood. This technology transforms sustainable wood species into a durable hardwood option. It removes the need for staining and allows natural weathering to turn it gray over time.

Choosing the best decking material for your dock depends on your budget and aesthetic preferences.


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