What To Expect When Starting A Coin-Operated Laundry Business

A laundry business is a potential high returns venture which doesn’t necessitate tertiary skills. As such operating, the coin laundry business will require that you focus on providing outstanding customer services. Also, you need to offer the right room atmosphere and laundry machines like those from Continental Girbau to meet your customers needs. Note that laundry cleaning is a continual need, meaning that laundromats don’t have an off-season. So, what can you expect as you venture into a coin-operated laundry business? Let’s find out.

Daily Operations of a Coin Laundry Business

Commercial dryers need as much supervision as the drop off laundries. Also, note that if a station is unmanned, you might have the operating costs from electricity running up. The thing with laundry stores is that they typically open earlier than other stores to cater to a wider range of clients. Even then, you should close the doors earlier in the evening. For instance, you could close the doors at about nine to help clear up any queued laundries. Again, consider using a lock system that allows clients to leave without letting anybody in.

Not Seasonally Dependent

As mentioned earlier, laundry businesses don’t have an off-season. Even as severe weather might make people not want to venture out, you don’t have to plan for major seasonal swings as far as usage is concerned.

Room for Expansion

As you venture into the laundry business, realize that it always offers room for expansion. This may take the form of offering new services or even looking for a new location that’s not so far from your existing store. Like any business, laundry businesses are very competitive. Therefore, if you choose to open a new storefront, you may want to choose a location that’s close enough so you can commute with ease. However, it should be far enough that it doesn’t affect your existing customer base.


Since laundry businesses are mainly self-serve enterprises, it means constant supervision is not necessary. And that gives owners more flexibility than with other business models that are more demanding. Besides, with today’s technological advancements you now can be reached easily without having to be on site. An email, text, or call can quickly let you know of a problem.

How to Empty the Coin-Laundry Machines

Preferably be emptying the machines every day so you can maintain an accurate record of your business’ performance. Also, empty the coins from one laundry machine at a time so you can spot the most used one. The approach can help you identify whether clients prefer front loaders, top loaders, or dryers.

Also, always ensure that all machines are loaded with change coins. Remember that empty coin machines can discourage customers from using your store. Since the change might run out within a day, it should be reloaded every night. Additionally, a vending machine is also important since not all customers come with their soap.

Ultimately, coin-operated laundry business is an easy venture to start and maintain, provided you have the right guidelines. Even then, note that a laundry business’s biggest feature is its clients. Therefore, focusing on your customers’ experiences can yield high and steady returns.


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