4 Ways to Experience the Giant Redwoods

Until you see the Giant Redwoods in northern California up close, there is really no way to truly describe these majestic mammoths. Photographs and sentences might offer some glimpses of insight, but nothing compares to walking beneath trunks that can tower between 200 and 300 feet into the sky.

If you have never experienced the Giant Redwoods Humboldt County CA, you are in luck. There are several ways to help you wrap your mind around these incredibly old living things.

  1. Go Camping Under a Beautiful Canopy

Nothing beats setting up your tent and sleeping bag to look up at one of the most magnificent natural canopies in nature. Being surround by the height of the trees makes for an awe-inspiring camping adventure.

  1. Hike Among Super Twisted Trees

One thing that stands out with the Giant Redwoods is the shape. Despite being extremely tall, many of these trees form bizarre sights that can create a surreal hiking experience. Be sure to bring your camera!

  1. Climb One of the Oldest Things Alive

Who can say they have climbed something living that is 600 to 1,000 years old? As one of the more daring ways to experience the giant trees, more adventurous explorers prefer to go on tree climbing excursion where they have the opportunity to climb incredible heights.

  1. Drive Through a Tree Wider Than Your Vehicle

If you prefer a more relaxing sort of Redwoods experience, there are other options for you. For example, many people find it interesting to drive through one of the humungous trees. It really gives perspective on the size. In previous decades, some people turned trees into roadside attractions for doing just this, and several of them still exist today.

Regardless of how you experience the Giant Redwoods, you will be glad you did. These historical treasures offer humans some of the most fascinating experiences among nature.

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