Compliance Training Myths You Should Ignore Completely

With the advancement in technology, you do not need to conduct training physically. All you need is eLearning software like those by True Office Learning to access the digital resources. With the digital revolution, there’s no need for a company to hire a compliance training officer. You can prepare the materials and training modules, and then share them with your employees in the form of infographics, videos, chatbots, fact sheets, or slideshow.

Compliance training covers a wide range of topics. The aim is to help employees apply the knowledge or information in their day-to-day responsibilities.  For instance, the compliance training offered by True Office Learning also guides the employees on company laws, regulations, and policies that govern them. However, since each company is independent, there are compliance training myths that misguide organizations.

Some of these myths that you should completely ignore are:

Compliance training is all about the law, regulations, and policies of a company

While compliance training is about company policies, this does not mean that they should always revolve around the same topic. As an organization, you should always revisit your goals to help you prepare the learning resources. There is a lot more to compliance training than making sure everyone acts within the law.

Compliance training is for big companies only

Unfortunately, compliance regulations apply to all organizations. Whether you are a small business, medium-size, or an enterprise, compliance training is essential. In case of a situation that requires accountability, it helps maintain the reputation of a company. If you are a fast-growing company ignoring this myth is crucial as it will mislead you. You may end up having a negative reputation for your company and finally losing clients.

You need a compliance training officer to conduct training

Gone are the days when compliance training officers were needed. With online compliance training, a company needs to make sure that all the information is available on their online training platform. There is no need to hire an officer. Besides, it helps save on cost, transport, accommodation, and other fees.

Compliance training is done only once

Realize that an organization undergoes many changes, whether yearly, monthly, or sometimes even weekly. Most companies will want to save on time and money for training so they might end up carrying out these sessions only once. It’s a common myth for organizations to conduct compliance training once when hiring new employees. There’s a need to keep up with any changes in the industry. Consequently, your employees should always be up-to-date with any information regarding your company.

It should be mandatory

Well, it’s both a yes and no to this myth. The yes applies to the company rules, laws, and regulations. As for the no, you cannot force employees to engage in other forms of training. For instance, your company has arranged for cybersecurity training. You, therefore, make arrangements to have the modules uploaded to your company’s online platform. Does that mean that everyone has to undergo the training? No, these modules are more relevant to your IT department than the HR department. Therefore, it does not mean that all compliance training you intend to have is to be forced on everyone.

While compliance training is important for all organizations, some myths might misguide you. however, you can avoid suffering heavy fines by identifying things that you should completely ignore.

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