What To Expect When Seeing A Hand Surgeon In Singapore

Dexterity is a crucial skill that allows people to perform everyday tasks at home or work—especially those that require your hands. It lets you make your bed and cook breakfast in the morning, drive your car or pay for public transport fare on your way to work and use your keyboard to fulfil your duties as a hardworking employee. But like virtually every other body part, your hands are prone to experiencing medical conditions that could trouble their functionality and appearance. Fortunately, you can see a hand surgeon in Singapore to keep your wrist, fingers, and palm in top shape.

Various health concerns can trouble your hand joints, muscles, soft tissues, and bones. It can stem from an underlying condition or result from overuse and trauma. Some of the many ailments your hands may encounter include arthritis, trigger finger, carpal tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s or disease. You could also get a wrist sprain from twisting or bending your hand while working, playing sports, or tripping and falling. Some people also notice a fluid-filled bump called a ganglion cyst in Singapore that often develops at the back of the wrist or the base of a finger.


If you are troubled with any of these conditions, you may want to see a hand surgeon as soon as possible to get your wrist or fingers checked and diagnosed. But what if you are unsure if now is the perfect time to see a hand specialist? What if you do not know if your health concern can be managed at home or requires medical attention?

Generally speaking, every condition deserves assessment from a reliable health expert. However, many individuals are guilty of putting off their need for a checkup until their condition worsens. If you notice any of the following signs, you should see a hand surgeon ASAP and do not ignore that your body is saying that there is something wrong with your hand:

  • Wrist, finger, palm, or back of the hand pain
  • Restricted movement or range of motion
  • Swollen or bruised hand
  • Loose grip
  • Thick skin
  • Hand spasms


What Happens During A Checkup With A Hand Surgeon?

Checkups with a medical professional can be anxiety-inducing for some individuals. Not knowing what can happen during a health screening is enough to make someone worry—even if their doctor will only look at their hands because of a wrist sprain or finger fracture.

For many of these patients, learning what can happen during a checkup with a hand surgeon in Singapore can help ease their worries about their screening. If you are one of these individuals, here is what you can expect from your visit to a hand doctor to help you prepare for and feel better about your consultation:

A. Your Doctor Will Review Your Symptoms And Medical History

Like any other checkup with a medical professional, screenings with a hand surgeon starts with a review of the symptoms you have been experiencing. They will ask what signs of illness you have been experiencing lately, when you started noticing them, and how often they occur within the day. This discussion will allow your doctor to pinpoint the affected areas and assess the severity of the trauma or symptoms.

Aside from asking about your symptoms, your doctor will inquire about your medical history. They will want to know if you experienced an ailment like a finger fracture or sprain that may have contributed to your current condition. If you have past x-rays or other test results concerning your hand, it would be best to bring them during your consultation with a hand surgeon to help them assess your health better.

B. Your Doctor Will Investigate The Possible Cause Of Your Condition

During their time at their medical school, your hand surgeon in Singapore learned about the structure and functions of every joint, muscle, nerve, and bone in your hands. They know what your palm, wrist, and fingers are supposed to look like and are aware of the appearance of a deformed hand.

Thanks to their knowledge of hand structure, they can understand what happened to the appendage upon inspecting it through physical and medical examinations. If you have an injury and discuss how you got into the accident that caused your finger or wrist fracture, they can retrace your steps and explain how the affected appendage encountered trauma.

C. Your Doctor Will Perform Tests And Make A Diagnosis

A physical examination is a primary way to assess a patient. During this test, your doctor will inspect the appearance of your hand and look for inflammation, bruising, or an infection that may indicate your condition. Through this examination, they can tell if you are troubled with a wrist sprain, distal radius fractures, or other injuries or illnesses affecting your hand.

But if they do not think a physical exam is enough to check your condition, your hand surgeon may ask you to undergo various tests to help them understand the ailment causing your symptoms. They may take you to the x-ray room or ask you to get a CT scan, EMG, MRI, or ultrasound to gain an internal view of your hand.

D. Your Doctor Will Recommend Treatments And Schedule Follow-Up Checkups

After your initial consultation, examination, and diagnosis, your hand surgeon will recommend remedies to treat your ailment. They may put you in a splint or cast if you have distal radius fractures or a mummy’s wrist.

However, your treatment does not end after one checkup. Your hand surgeon will ask you to return to their office after a few days or weeks to assess your condition and see if their recommended regimens are working. If not, they might put you in a different treatment plan to address your injury or illness.

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Learning what can happen during your visit to a hand surgeon in Singapore can help you prepare your mind and body for your checkup. It will allow you to make realistic expectations and ease your worries about your screening. Moreover, understanding everything you can expect from your visit will let you make the most of your checkup and avoid misconceptions that may hinder you from seeing your doctor.

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