How to Maximize Space in a Small House

Are you tired of stubbing your toes wherever you walk? Having a claustrophobic house can become a nightmare if you don’t maximise it effectively. Here we’ll discuss how to transform cramped spaces into cozy places where you can sit back and relax. 

Keep Windows High

The wall to window ratio can make a small house look even smaller. This changes the dynamic of interior design drastically. With higher windows, it’ll appear as though walls are higher than they are, making the room seem bigger. Additionally, natural light makes a huge difference in a small room, by making it appear larger. You can also make use of window valances if you want to make your high windows attractive. This will leave you with a space that you’ll love. 

Long Bookshelves

Storage is the most effective way of maximising a small house. When you have a small room, packed with clutter, it makes it appear even smaller than it is. With bookshelves that are long, and go up to the ceiling, you have ample storage for your belongings. This also helps you to organise your space, so that you’re living as comfortably as possible. 

Create an Open-plan House

When each room has 4 walls and a door, we tend to feel boxed in. Walls also take up a large amount of space, more than you’d think. A solution to this is having an open-plan house. Having an open-plan house not only makes the house look more modern, but it creates larger spaces. You can totally transform your small house by opening up a few walls. This will create a comfortable space for you and your loved ones. 

Have a Retractable Bed

Beds take up a lot of space, in a small bedroom, it could take up the whole room. One way for optimising your space is by installing a retractable or adjustable bed. This way, you can sleep in a cozy double bed, and have space for other activities in the day. You can even change your bedroom into a work space, simply by retracting your bed, and creating a large area. 

Under-stairs Utility

Stairs take up massive amounts of space. When utilising the space underneath the staircase, you can easily maximise all the space in your house. You can add a single bed underneath the staircase. Perhaps, you could create draws that come out of the staircase, leaving you with a multi-purpose area. This could be a great storage place for all the small things like blankets or pillows lying around your house. 


Mirrors can be more than just a tool for brushing your hair in the morning. Mirrors tend to make a room appear bigger than it is, as it creates more depth in a room. If you have a small room, just add a mirror to it and it’ll instantly appear larger. Additionally, mirrors make your house look modern and elegant. It’s a win-win situation. 


You might not know it, but colours can affect the perception of a room drastically. Bright colors tend to make a house appear smaller, by standing out too much. Try to go for a neutral colour, that blends well with your furniture. The best color for creating a larger space, is white. White walls don’t stand out, they make you focus on the room and instead of the walls. Therefore white is a great color for adding more space to a house, as well as making it brighter, which also maximises a small area. 

With all the ways of maximising space that we’ve provided here, you can say goodbye to your cramped home and you can create a space that not only provides more room, but makes your house stylish and beautiful. 


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