Types of Dredging Equipment Needed To Clean Your Pond Floor

A pond can be a spectacular focal point in your backyard landscape when it stays healthy and clean. Over time, the excess debris from surrounding trees and grasses, animal matter and erosion build up on the bottom of the pond. This can cause an imbalance of nutrients that can harm the aquatic life in your pond and increase the likelihood of algae blooms. To counteract this problem, dredging is necessary and different types of equipment are needed.


The type of dredging equipment Spring TX needed is determined by the size of the pond and the type of materials within it. Suction can be used for ponds that have a lot of loose material in them. It works like a giant vacuum to suck up the debris out of the pond.


You may have seen an excavator on a construction site lifting heavy rocks and dirt. The same type of equipment can be used to remove large quantities of dirt and rock from a pond. It uses the bucket with teeth to scoop up the debris and dump it in a truck.


A clamshell system is used in tandem with a crane. The unique shape prevents it from disturbing the water as much as the other types of equipment, which means it’s more environmentally friendly while still getting the job done.

Bucket Ladder

This type of system works on a conveyor system with the buckets scooping up dirt and dumping them onto a belt that moves the dirt away from the pond where it can be hauled off.

Take your time to research the type of equipment you need for your specific pond to ensure you are getting the most cost-friendly option. With plenty of dredgers to choose from, you can get back to enjoying your peaceful pond in no time.

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