Tips and methods in moving furniture

First: Planning: The basis of everything is thinking about what we are working on, and here is the same thing. You have to plan how to move the furniture from several angles:

The time it will take to move the furniture: this period will affect your decision on the type of furniture that you will start to move or not from what you do not need, and the furniture that you will keep to use until the last minute.

What kind of materials are in the house: With most pieces similar in many homes and homes, some of them are characterized by abundance of easy-to-break furniture such as pottery, glass, and chandelier. Some may contain large amounts of books.

What kind of materials are required to help with transportation and quantity: I mean that the process of moving home furniture usually needs the following tools: electric drill (drills) – screwdrivers – pliers – cartons in several sizes and preferably from the quality in which banana fruit is usually stored for its durability and shape, especially if it is from The cubic shape, for ease of storage. Or upscale newspapers and newspapers to wrap the glass in it, and some pieces of fabric – adhesive to seal these cartons well – or high-end pens and planning pens can be used to put notes on the cartons about their contents – cords that may help to move furniture – the bags that you will use for transport and their capacity – and some durable plastic bags, all These things that do not seem important will discover their value when transporting, and when you need it.

Second: Start by sorting the materials and furniture: limit and sort your materials, and put each of them in a different direction, because the materials can be broken in one direction, and the books as well as ceramics, and food items, even if it is possible to register these materials on a small notebook to make sure that you do not forget any of them.

Third: Do the work on packing and unwinding at least two days before the transfer: After you sort and count the materials, place them in the cartons and bags, and it is important to clean these materials and break the packaging from them well. If it is for some or upscale newspapers and newspapers, or by cutting cloths, and trying to collect as many clothes as you can in the bags designated for that, in order not to have to move a lot of bags. And write a note on each carton and bag with its contents and quantity ,? If it contains valuable and fragile things, put a sign indicating this, and it is best if you transport them yourself.

Fourth: Unscrew the large pieces: As for the big pieces of furniture. It is preferable to loosen pieces that you can loosen. Like doors and doors, but it must be noted about the quality of the piece of furniture, if it is made of good and strong wood and can bear jaw and installation more than once, there is nothing wrong with that, but if it is one of the types that are difficult to install again, it is preferable to move it as one unit.

Fifth: the refrigerator and its contents: limit the contents of the refrigerator, and what is valid for staying for several days, and what will be corrupt quickly, and get rid of it, either by using it, or by giving it to some relatives or friends, and this is better than losing it, and when moving the refrigerator, it is preferable to move it vertically, to preserve as much as possible Put the refrigerant inside.

Sixth: When moving to the new house: start installing the large pieces, and arrange them, such as lockers, sofa sets, and the bedroom, then sort the cartons and bags according to the notes you have recorded and distribute them to the rooms, because it will need patience and time to deal with them, and redistribute them and arrange them as you wish.

When thinking about moving, the first thing you need to decide is how much work you will do yourself and how much professional transportation companies will do with it.

If your employer is paying him to prepare for the transfer, you can take it easily and watch the professional operators do almost all the work. If you fund this step yourself, you may choose to do your own packaging to save money.

But before you decide how much to do on your own, contact some mobile company to get estimates about what you charge for different levels of service.

 Moving to a new home requires not only hard physical effort, but it drains more cash and causes a lot of chaos at all levels, and between arranging and purchasing new furniture and moving the old and performing all the necessary operations, we generally need a period of about a week, and to help in this difficult task, to you A set of instructions that make the transition process a little easier:

Place ID cards on each box:

There is nothing more frustrating than getting lost in a pile of boxes, without knowing what they contain, and most unfortunate is the presence of the wrong boxes in the wrong rooms, and this mess can be avoided by arranging the boxes well, and putting labels on each of them, and making sure that they are not Easily extracted so as not to fall during the transition.

Measure each room before moving:

Certainly there are radiant ideas about every room in the new home, but these wonderful fantasies may spoil because the room was not well measured before buying the furniture, even if the room looked large, and a bedroom or even a chair was bought and looked appropriate, but a lot of errors may occur , So record all measurements, and be careful not to lose the measurements together.

Measure the windows:

It is very important to consider the windows site very well in order not to obscure the light, knowing the length of the windows will give a better knowledge when buying furniture and how to put it. Taking photos of the empty house while shopping is easy to get and purchase of your furniture at home.

Based on the amount of things transported:

Let your friends help you in this process, helping friends will make the transition process more enjoyable, and will reduce the burdens that accompany the transfer process, especially the psychological ones.

Start early in the morning:

It is preferable to start the transition process at dawn, even if you are among the people who are less likely to wake up early.

With the fatigue accompanying the transition, you will sleep early, and this will help you start the transition early in the morning, and think that you will avoid this stressful crunch of nerves that you are not sure.

So you will have time to correct the errors, if they happen.

Check your options:

If you are renting a truck to transport things, do not give in to the first offer by the first truck owner you encounter, and wander around and ask more to determine the most appropriate options and pick the best prices offered for you, and trucks located in remote locations may be available at the cheapest prices.

Do not transfer all items at once:

Instead of moving the furniture completely, separate the easy-to-break items, such as glass, TV and computer, and then the valuable equipment in the second move, and if it can be moved in the car, especially if the move is to a remote location, it is better for someone to sit with things in the back seat to keep On them is intact.

Accept errors:

Many think that it is easy to put everything and arrange it in the right place in the new home, but do not squeeze your nerves with these ideal ideas if there are some mistakes in arranging the furniture, this does not mean that it cannot be fixed in the future.

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