Complete Guide: Travel to Bhutan from Singapore

Bhutan is an extremely healthy and magnificent place to visit in the world. 70% of Bhutan comes within the category of the forest region. Nature and the wildlife there must be appreciated. Here we are going to discuss the travelling guide from Singapore. How to travel to Bhutan Singapore? Tourists can easily visit Bhutan from Singapore. 

Get the complete guide before you start your travels. There are certain things that you just consider before travelling from Singapore to Bhutan. Firstly, the accommodation must be given the prior preference. The travellers must have basic knowledge about these things. For instance, the flight tickets, food, stay, local travelling cost, etc. To simplify the financial stability is quite essential. 

To make successful travelling plans, compare travel insurance Singapore. It will provide you with adequate knowledge about the Singapore travelling guide to Bhutan. There are some most prominent places in Bhutan that must be travelled when visiting. The journey will begin with the Singapore airport. This airport is the world’s largest airport. There are many things to visit at this airport. It would be absolutely perfect to start the journey by exploring the airport. 

Begin With Exploring The Singapore Airports

The Singapore airport is known as Changi. It is the world’s best airport. The eight consecutive years it has been awarded. If there is spare time, do not miss the opportunity to visit the Singapore airport. It has many amazing things to cater to the visitors. The Changi airport is evidently very large. The visitors can visit the airport without any worries.

It would be apt to start your journey with the Singapore airports. It is an absolute treat to have a glance at the airport. There are a total of 4 terminals. The T1, T2, T3 and T4. For nature lovers, the terminal has gardens. There is Enchanted Garden (T2), Orchid Garden (T2), Sunflower Garden (T2), and the popular Butterfly Garden (T3). There are several retail shops as well. It is a great stop for the shopaholics as well. 

Travel To Bhutan (Flight Booking) 

Taking off a flight to Bhutan is not very tough as you can take a direct flight to Bhutan from the Druk air airlines. (Royal Bhutan Airlines) holds nonstop flights through the Paro international airport. The tourist can visit Bhutan from the southeast Asia and South Asia section. The top five countries are Thailand, Singapore, Bangladesh, India, Nepal. Take off a flight from any of these places to reach Bhutan. Mostly Singapore airport is preferred. Take a flight from Singapore to Bhutan.

Flights and schedule 

The DrukAir airlines fly via Bhutan from Singapore two times per week. The flights from Singapore to Bhutan twice a week. The flights from Singapore to Bhutan are on Thursdays and Sundays. Moreover, the returning flights of Bhutan to Singapore occur on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The travellers must make sure that they booked the flight very precisely as most travellers make mistakes while booking the flight. Always choose the Drukair airlines. As it frequently flies from Singapore to Bhutan. Singapore is not too far from Bhutan. The time duration is 5 to 6 hours from Singapore to Bhutan. Always book the flight as per the schedule. 

Allowance of the baggage 

The baggage allowance is the most important thing to be noted. While travelling, always keeps this in mind. The standard baggage allowance is 30kg for the economic class and 40 kg for the business class. Moreover, the carry-on bag must not exceed 5 kg. The visitors are given the bag allowance of the baggage. It is a good sight to behold the Himalayan mountains. There is bag allowance rules and regulations. 

Visa Application 

The travellers must apply for a Bhutan visa. In fact, the citizens besides the Maldives, Bangladesh, Indians, etc. The countries other than that are obliged to buy the visa. The visa application is essential and is a mandatory procedure. This procedure can be quite long. The DrukAir airlines will help you out with the purpose. They will provide you with accurate guidance to apply for the visa. The travel consultant will definitely help you out with the purpose. Reach out to the consultant for the visa application. 

Daily tariff and Seasons 

The cost coverage from Singapore is not very high-priced. The tourists are obliged to pay the daily tariff. These are one of the most important things to be considered. The government has implemented the daily tariff for all the visitors. The cost differs from the High Season and the low season. The high seasons are March, April, May, September, October, and November.

The cost of the high seasons is $250 per person per night for an assemblage of three or more persons. $280 per person per night for an assembly of two people. Lastly, $290 per night for single people. The Low Seasons are January, February, June, July. The $200 per person per day for an assembly of three or more persons. The $230 per person per day for an assembly of two people and $240 per day for single selves.

Best time of the year in Bhutan 

Bhutan is blessed with good weather throughout the entire year. The climate and the weather are really good. It is highly recommended to visit Bhutan during the festival season as the spring is considered to be the best time to be in Bhutan. There are many amazing activities that take place therein. The visitors can go trekking and can enjoy amazing festivals as well. 

The festivals in Bhutan are mind-blowing. It is absolutely worth enjoying the festivals of Bhutan. Other than spring the autumn is also an incredible season. Bhutan will cater to its amazing fields, valleys, etc. In fact, the weather is really light and romantic in Bhutan. Also, the visitors can seek a 20% discount on the visiting cost. These two seasons would be apt to visit Bhutan. 

These are the guidelines to visit Bhutan firm Singapore. Do follow these guidelines to have an ideal trip from Singapore to Bhutan. Have the best travelling experience by opting for suitable insurance. 



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