How Can You Send Instead of Flowers to Sympathy? 

When you are in a state of grief, it is natural to ask yourself, “What can I send instead of flowers for sympathy?” Many alternatives are equally exceptional. There are many options, including food baskets, quilts, and even wine. 


Selecting Gladioli as a sympathy flower is an excellent choice. The tall, elegant plants are available in a range of shades. They are thought to represent strength, character, and honesty. They can assist you in conveying your emotions during the most challenging times. 

The word “gladiolus” comes from the Latin word gladius, a reference to an axe. Gladiolus ranges in size from 2 inches to more than the height of four feet. They are commonly employed as fan sprays. They also make excellent large-scale arrangements. 

Gladiolus is a flower that is warm-climate. This makes them perfect to be used in funerals. They can also be considered as a traditional option. They come with large stems and numerous flowers. They also come with a unique scent. 


For funerals or memorial services, a wedding or funeral, lilacs make an ideal flower to give to someone who has passed away. They’re available in purple and white, and the scent is awe-inspiring. 

The Lilacs originate from Europe both Asia. The botanical name derives from an old Greek legend. They are utilized in bath bombs, cosmetics, and for the treatment of skin conditions. They represent the renewal of youth, innocence, and youthfulness. 

White lilacs radiate purity and innocence that complements any color scheme. They are suitable for funerals or memorial services and excellent choices for girls in their teens and women. 

White lilacs are also believed to be a symbol of innocence and faith. They are often gifted to family members or friends of the deceased to show comfort and help. 


The choice of hydrangeas over flowers to show sympathy is an act of kindness. Hydrangeas are a symbol of emotion and sincerity. They are stunning flowers that are an appropriate tribute to a beloved one. They’re also great for the memorial garden or in an office. 

Hydrangeas come in a wide range of shades, from white to pink. They’re also a durable perennial. They can be bought as an arrangement or pots. They are gorgeous flowers that will flower year-round. They’re the ideal choice for a memorial garden or brightening up the darkest days. 

There are numerous funeral flowers. The most popular are white and pink orchids. Lilies and carnations are also often utilized. They are available in large pots or delivered to a family member’s home following the funeral. The flowers are also delicious. 


In times of sorrow, giving flowers and flowers to a loved one or a family member is a natural method of expressing sympathy. But what happens if you don’t live close to the deceased person? If you cannot meet them in person, sendingsympathy gifts like quilts could be a better option. 

Quilts have been used for a long time as an option for women to pay tribute to loved relatives. In the early 20th century, they made quilts from funeral ribbons were part of a unique funeral tradition across the South. 

The examination of funeral ribbon quilts brings up questions about the mid-twentieth-century of American society. They reveal a local tradition that enjoyed a brief but energetic heyday. 

Food hampers 

In addition to flowers and cards, sympathy hampers are an excellent way to express your condolences to the deceased. Please send them to the funeral home or the home of the recipient. A thoughtfully designed sympathy gift basket will bring them a smile. 

The sympathy gift baskets are great for colleagues who recently lost a friend. Gourmet food baskets are an excellent method to show someone that you love them. A few hampers for food are filled with fresh fruit, chocolates, cookies, and brownies. 

One of the top food hampers to give sympathy can be The Feast Frenzy. The basket includes an array of mouthwatering gourmet biscuits, delicious fruit cake, and high-end chocolates. This is an excellent gift for any family going through a difficult time. 

Food baskets with wine 

Offering food baskets to loved ones who need a little boost is thoughtful. Many funerals have guests bringing food, whether a light snack or an entire meal, a traditional dinner as a sympathy food basket is a comforting experience. 

The most effective method to show your condolences is by sending thoughtful gifts for food baskets that include wine. The right gift could be the difference between a grieving spouse who is depressed and having a complete grief-stricken support network. If the person is home or in the hospital and needs food, baskets that include wine can offer an oasis from the stress of grieving.

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