New Home Checklist | Essentials You Need to Have (and Do) When Moving in

Moving to a new place is not as easy as in the movies. In reality, you have to prepare many things, especially if the home you are moving to is in another country. Well, other than knowing the language, sorting your visa, and packing up your belongings, you also have to think about the things you need to buy and do.

As such, you would not have encountered any difficulties as soon as you finally moved. That is why you should get yourself ready, especially if you are staying there for good. Therefore, do yourself a favour and get your new home equipped. After all, preparing ahead of time allows you to get quality things that will last for years.

Now get your pen and paper ready, and look below what else you should get other than a dining table in Malaysia. Use this article to start making a checklist for moving to a new home.


What Are the Essentials Things to Do When Moving to Malaysia?

As you already know, moving day can be stressful, especially if you have kids to take care of when moving in. However, with a bit of preparation, the process of moving in can be a lot easier. Try to do the following before you move to your new home. It will help you and your family not get stress on the day you move.


Set Up Utilities

There is nothing more awful than unloading your suitcase in a cold, dark place with no internet connection. That is why before you move it, set up all the utilities: electricity, water, and internet service. Make sure you call them at least a month in advance so they could install and get your line ready before your move-in date!

Get Basic Necessity

Anything can happen, even on the day of your move. Therefore, do not be complacent and better prepare these essentials on hand so there will be no inconvenience for you and your family. Keep in mind that you should bring these following on the day you move.

●      Hardware Toolbox

You would need these things when you have to assemble the furniture you bought in Malaysia, like a coffee table. This toolbox should contain wrenches, fasteners, screwdrivers, measuring tape, electrical, duct tape, and utility knife.

●      First Aid Kit

As mentioned above, anything could happen, including accidents. Knock on wood, but when moving with kids, they might slip themselves while playing. Thus, having a first aid kit would help you take care of the wound your children have.

The things included in a first aid kit are surgical gloves, face mask, adhesive tape, bad-aids in several sizes, elastic bandage, antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, different sizes of sterile gauze pads, and an updated first aid kit manual.

Secure Locks

If the place you are moving to has a previous owner, chances are their family and friends have a copy of the house key. That is why it is a good idea to replace locks before you move in. It ensures you that no one could get in and out of the house other than you and your family members. Also, new locks secure any newly purchased appliances and pieces of furniture.

Change Your Address

Even though you are already ready to move in, there is one thing that is missing—changing your address. Since you will be moving to a new home, your home address changes. Therefore, ensure that you notify your peers about where you move, so that is the place where they will send your mails and packages.

Besides informing your circles, you would also need to update your IDs, like your driving licence, so you would not encounter any issues with the authority later on.

Preparing all of these ensures your move-in date will become less stressful. Thus, you would have more time unpacking your belongings and get everything settled before the day turns to night.


What Are the Appliances a Home Needs to Have in Malaysia?

When moving to a new home, especially in another country, buying gadgets and appliances may seem daunting. Considering all the things you need for dining, cooking, and even entertaining, it is inevitable that you forget to get a few things. For you not to let anything slip through your mind, bookmarking this article to your browser will help.


TV & Audio

No matter how convenient smartphones and computers are, televisions (TVs) are still a staple piece of device that one could find in any home. One might say it becomes an inseparable part of home ever since it came to exist in 1927.

However, unlike in the 1920s, there is now a 65-inch TV. Among all the TVs available, the OLED TV is the most efficient since it uses less energy, which is good for the environment.

Other than TVs, get a DVD player or an HDMI cord to play movies, TV shows, pieces of music from a flash drive or laptop. Having either one of those would keep anyone entertained, especially if the internet service temporarily gets interrupted.

Kitchen Appliances

Some of the primary appliances may already be in place if the previous owner left them behind. However, new homes, especially unfurnished ones, do not have any items inside. In case that happens, consider buying the following.

  • Refrigerator with freezer
  • Freestanding cooker
  • Microwave oven
  • Kettles
  • Water filters
  • Mixer & food processor
  • Cooker hood
  • Cooker Hob (only if you do not like to cook freestanding cooker)

Washing Machine & Dryer

These two appliances are helpful when washing and drying clothes. Instead of bringing dirty clothes to a laundry service provider, anyone could do their laundry by themselves, not with their bare hands but with these machines. They only need to know how to use the washing machine and dryer according to the manufacturer’s instruction. And that saves time and money from paying for laundry services near their neighbourhood.

Cleaning Tools and Equipment

A home does not clean on its own. When you move to a new home, chances are dust, dander, and debris are waiting for you to clean them. Since you cannot do all the chores by hand, you would need to get cleaning supplies to make things easier.

For starters, here are the things you need.

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Mop, pail, and scrub brush
  • Microfiber cleaning cloths (optional)
  • Dust rag
  • Sponges
  • Spray bottles

Fans & Air-Conditioning

Since Malaysia is a tropical country, you would need more quenches to cool off the heat. Make sure before moving in, there are electricity fans or air conditioners placed inside. Otherwise, it might feel stuffy when you go to sleep.

Remember, a well-equipped home feels more comfortable. Therefore, think about the gadgets and appliances you need to get. Ensure they are of good quality so you would not have any problem using them when you move in.


What Are the Pieces of Furniture a Home Should Have in Malaysia?

Other than gadgets and appliances, a home would not be complete without furniture. Besides the pieces you brought back from your previous home, it would be a good idea to get new ones for a new beginning. Also, to save you from repairs of old furniture that you inherited from your parents or grandparents.

Here, consider buying these pieces of furniture when you move to Malaysia.


Dining Area

A dining area is not only a place where people eat. It is also a place where family members gather and talk about their goals and dreams. They even share bits of advice and tips about the things that could help one another in life.

Therefore consider investing in quality furniture for your dining area. Here are the pieces you might want to have in your home.

●      Dining Set

The dining set that most furniture shops in Malaysia offer have one dining table and four to six chairs. The estimated cost of dining set RM1,793 to RM5,993. The reason behind the big price range gap depends on the material used to make the dining set.

Nonetheless, a dining set is much more affordable than buying dining pieces individually since a dining table in Malaysia has an estimated cost of RM1,393 to RM3,993.

Living Room

This area is the first thing guests would see when visiting a home. That is why it matters to make it look as repressible as possible.

To do that, you have to guarantee that your living room has a comfortable sofa that would make anyone feel relaxed. You may want to place it in the centre where your 65-inch TV is so guests can easily watch the TV programme.

Of course, to make sure your guests would not hold the glass of beverage you made for them, add a coffee table in your living room in Malaysia. Consider having a shoe cabinet, too, so guests could leave their shoes at the entrance of your home.

Combining these four would complement one another, making your living room more appealing and welcoming to the guests.


After a stressful day at work and a hassle commute, anyone would want to go home and rest by lying down on their soft, comfy bed. Or stay there to do their hobbies that they cannot do in the office. To make that happen, one must have a comfortable and relaxing bedroom.

Anyone can accomplish that by getting the following pieces of bedroom furniture below.

●      Bed Frame

This piece of furniture is the one that supports the mattress and person lying on the bed. To get its right height, when you go to a furniture shop, make sure your knees do not exceed where your stomach area is. The right bed frame height should be in the knee level when sitting on the bed.

●      Mattress

To guarantee your good night sleep, invest in a quality mattress. If you are someone taller, around or over six feet, the type of mattress you should get is either a queen or king-size bed.

PRO-TIP:  Before making any mattress, buy the bed frame first and consider getting both in the same furniture shop to guarantee their fittings.

●      Wardrobe

Are you someone lazy opening and closing the drawers of your cabinet? Then consider getting a sliding wardrobe instead. With this bedroom furniture, all you need to do is push and pull the door to open and close it right away. Plush, some may have mirrors as its door.

As such, you would not need to go to the bathroom to see your OOTD look or how presentable you are for work. Just close the door, and you could see the entire outfit that you are currently wearing.

●      Bedside Table

A bedroom would not be complete without the bedside table. Of course, since people often store their go-to items here right before they go to sleep. Having this piece of furniture saves you time and effort from looking for the things you need, such as your eyeglasses, smartphone, and wallet.

●      Table Lamp

Consider adding a table lamp on the bedside table. It can offer some lights when you are reading a book or magazine. Plus, you could easily find what you are looking for when the lights are on.

Make sure when you are buying pieces of furniture for your home, get them from a reliable shop. That guarantees the items you would get are all in good condition.


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