New Activities To Start During Lockdown 2.0

With the Lockdown 2.0 in full swing now, after a year of struggled due to the global pandemic caused Covid-19, it has ensured that we have all had to adapt and change our lifestyles to evolve to the lockdown. However, it has been a catalyst for some people to start a new activity or hobby to be able to learn in this time – we tell you about a few of our favourites today.

The first and probably the easiest to start would be that of running; the benefits that running has for both your health and mental well-being are incredible and seeing results of getting fitter or losing weight is certainly an attractive trait. It certainly has been a trend during the lockdowned months and with many getting into running, they were using such apps as Strava to enable them to track their progress.

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Another activity that has been popular during lockdown has been that of Yoga. Another type of exercise that is really good for your mental health as it fully allows you to relax, calm down, breathe properly and stretch areas of your body that you never would have thought would be able to be stretched. It’s easy for beginners to start with thousands of tutorials to enable you to learn the basics and is quite easy to pick up – once you start with yoga you won’t want to stop when you see the benefits.

And finally, another health benefit that you can take up or start to learn more during this period is that of your cooking skills. Due to the extra time at home, many of us can now focus on becoming a better cook and trying new recipes which are surprisingly easier to follow than expected. Nothing better than being able to cook a healthy meal for yourself or even better to impress friends and family when you cook for them.

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