What is Ultra Violet Invisible Ink

UV invisible ink contact lens to see the checked deck of poker cards is one of the most valuable items for poker betting. There are a few preferences to this UV checked cards contact lens that different gadgets don’t have. Above all else, it’s not costly to get one set of such invisible ink marked cards contact lenses and the connected checked decks. You can without much of a stretch get one bunch of such items to attempt first, as opposed to the poker scanner framework with more spending plan.

Besides, the UV contact focal points to see the invisible ink marked cards is very simple to store and simple to utilize. You can utilize it for quite a while as you need. What’s more, you don’t have to charge or change batteries like a telephone analyzer.  Thirdly, you can utilize such UV ink contacts to appreciate the poker games yourself effectively and no need some other assistance from others.

Likewise, you can generally get one set of such UV poker focal points for club betting that can suit your eyes a ton and won’t be seen by others. It’s very mysterious and safe. Here the UV ink marked cards contact lens are accessible for damaged eyes, dim earthy coloured eyes, blue eyes, etc. We additionally have infrared ink contact lenses to see invisible ink checked cards.

UV ink marked cards contact lenses are an incredible poker cheating device, appreciated by numerous poker players everywhere in the world. Users can see invisible UV marks imprinted on the backs of normal playing a game of cards by wearing UV contact lenses. For the traces, we can print them on both plastic cards and paper cards, and the examples of the imprints can be planned by your necessity. Rule any poker game with the UV invisible marked cards contact lens, extremely intended to recognize invisible ink markings on blue glowing UV marked cards.

We likewise stock an inventive scope of the infrared camera lens, accessible in different structures: from infrared shades to family things and even cell phones – our adaptable item range has all your requirements covered. For more information, please visit

Purchase Invisible Ink Contact Lenses Online

Check marked poker cards without your rivals speculating a thing! At the point when you purchase UV invisible Marked Cards Contact Lenses from our online shop, you can recognize even the smallest invisible traces on stamped cards.

Basically put on a couple of these poker card lenses similarly you’d put on the typical eye to eye connection lenses, at that point support yourself for full oversight. Top the speciality of all-out trickery with predominant undetectable ink contact focal points accessible for various eye tones.


With the recognized Unstoppable playing a card game contact lenses, you are accepted the heavenly potential to perceive any kind of back stamped deck cards, UV and IR ink. These contact focal points incorporate the most recent viewpoint innovation, reasonable for any eye tone while highlighting a general amazingly agreeable and slight plan. They keep your eyes shielded from any aggravation happening and enjoy the game at best.

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