How To Make Your Recording Studio Experience A Smooth One?

Recording music is a completely different experience compared to playing live or jamming on stage. The ambiance within a recording studio is different and there are different rules to be followed. Well, there are a lot of questions that hover around in our mind such as how to behave or act, how to perform “on-demand” and listening to yourself on headphones, and most importantly, what if things get messed up? These are very valid points for musicians who haven’t faced the studios yet and they need to prepare themselves for the big day. 

So here’s how to prepare yourself to face the battle all by yourself?

  • For first-timers in recording studios, you don’t have to book a high profile recording studio featuring a famous engineer simply because recording in a studio is a big investment and you cannot afford to blow it all away. You just need to find someone who can make a good recording, be it a demo version or a complete recording of the final matter, and that too at a price much lesser than the high profile recording studios. You might as well try recording at a friend’s studio where things wouldn’t be utterly stiffening as in professional studios. This would also give you some idea about how you would sound in a studio. 
  • You must also practice your songs to a click track as this makes editing tracks and layering them easier. You just need to find your tempo and maintain it through the recording. 
  •  If you are planning on recording with a band then make sure that everything is organized. It shouldn’t happen that everyone starts to differ in opinion about how the recording should happen once they reach the studio. 
  • You might as well take a short tour of the studio before going there for the actual recording.  That way you get an idea about the space and feel more comfortable during the recording. 
  • You must maintain proper time. Both your time and the engineer’s time are important. You should be polite and sober while you are inside the studio. These things help create the right environment for you to work. 

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