Educating your child about Online Safety and Cyberbullying

Kids nowadays spend their lot of time on the internet. With the current ongoing situation of COVID-19 Pandemic, all the schools and their classes have shifted online. This makes their internet usage time even more. However, as we already know the rate of cybercrimes in India is increasing drastically, thus usage and the effect of using the internet by kids must be taken into consideration.

With all the schools going online, a lot of online educating platforms, such as Lido classes, become mandatory for every parent to make sure that their kid is up to date. They need to make sure that their kid must know what he or she is dealing with.

This can only be ensured with clear communication with the children. There are a few things that you can keep in mind in case you have a conversation with your kid. The first and foremost important thing is educating them about Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is any kind of harassment through any electronic media online. Mainly such harassment is common to teenagers, as they are the ones most using the internet for media and social media consumption. Cyberbullying also includes material that seriously threatens, intimidates, harasses, or humiliates a child or young person under 18. Government and many private agencies are also working with parents, schools, and police to stop further cyberbullying. They are the ones who give their most of the online time for things such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. You must check out our computers, mobiles, laptops, tablets so that you know that your child is not using an 18+ account.

You must make sure that the learning space, where your kid is learning and using the Internet is appropriate. So that if they even do something wrong then someone adult can notice. Along with the kids, parents must be updated with the technology and they must be very strict and clear with the privacy policies on browsers. Latest anti-malware and anti-virus must be installed in the devices to ensure maximum security.

You must check Lido learning patterns that are extremely well designed especially for children, with keeping their security and safety at the highest priority. If parents follow these few steps in order to educate their child about the internet and cyberbullying than they will understand and the outcomes will be super positive.

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