How To Inspect Your Fire Sprinkler System

Installing equipment to keep your building safe from fire protects your employees and your products. One method to keep a blaze under control is to have sprinklers throughout the structure. However, you must check them often to ensure that they work properly. Here is how to inspect this system and keep it maintained. 

Get a Report On the System

Before you do any industrial pressure testing or check any of the equipment, talk with your maintenance department to see if they have had any concerns. The system that regulates the sprinklers will need to be set into test mode before you start. This will keep the fire department from arriving when it is less than necessary for them to do so. You should also shut down the audible alarm so that your employees can work with little interruption. 

Inspect the Equipment

The first step is to locate the valves that operates the sprinklers and check to see that they are open. They are connected to the control panel and will move when instructed by the system. They must allow water to pass through when they are told to do so. If everything looks alright at this point, you can place a seal on it that prevents anyone from accidentally closing it. You should regularly check these knobs to make sure that everything is intact before your next inspection. 

Be Sure There Is Pressure

Next, you will need to locate the main drain of the sprinklers. This indicates if there is enough water pressure to facilitate the system and douse a fire when needed. Take a reading and see if it is adequate. At this point, you will do an inspector’s test to see if the piping and the alarm coordinate correctly. You will need to visit each department to make sure the readings are acceptable everywhere in the building. As you go, look closely at the physical equipment to see if anything must be replaced.


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