Electronic Camping Essentials

If you’re going to be spending some time in the great outdoors this summer, there are some must-have tech items to bring along with your camping gear. Here are some cool things to take along on your upcoming expedition.

Solar Powered Lights

Charge your lights and lanterns during the day to keep them running in the evening hours. You can bring a string of lights for your tent or a couple of compact lanterns and flashlights. Solar powered lights prevent you from having to worry about running out of light or lugging around extra heavy C or D size batteries.

Solar Powered Charger

Even when you’re trying to disconnect from technology, you still want to be able to power certain items if you need them. A solar powered charger can restore power to phones, devices, speakers, lanterns, and other important electronics that will help you enjoy your trip.

Electric Camping Stove/Charger

Another charging option may surprise you: a small stove that you can use to boil water or heat up food can also supply electricity to charge your devices. A biolite camp stove can burn regular wood or pellets and convert the heat into a power source. It weighs approximately two pounds, and it can bring a liter of water to a boil in less than five minutes.

Insect Bite Relief

You’ve hopefully remembered to bring some insect repellent along with you, but don’t forget that repellents aren’t always 100% effective. You also need something that can effectively address the irritation caused by bites and stings. Instead of carrying a bottle of a chemical remedy with comparable efficacy, you can bring a small piece of electronic equipment that can instantly soothe an uncomfortable bite. A bite away device is rechargeable and offers long-lasting battery life, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power while you’re out in nature.

Solar Shower

One thing that you may miss when you’re camping is being able to take a hot shower. A solar-powered travel shower can use the sun’s energy to heat up a bag of water. Most hold several gallons, and some advanced options come with pressure control so you can take a moderately powerful shower rather than simply rinse off.

Some tech accessories can make your camping better. Bringing these gadgets will make your trip easier to pack for, more lightweight to manage if you’re going to be walking a long distance with your gear, and ultimately more enjoyable.

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