How Can You Increase Your User Retention In Apps?

Over the last decade, statistics reveal an increased use of mobile apps for business purposes. Being a marketer, you would like to enhance your user retention rate, scaling up your offerings gradually. Besides, people spend a greater amount of their leisure time with their handsets. This implies that you have got an unprecedented opportunity to engage them with your products or services, offered through apps. Now, you might be wondering how to increase your user retention online, right?

In this post, you will find a positive solution to this question.

Personalizing your feed

Personalizing your app content or feed happens to be a tried and tested strategy to increase your user retention. When you put quality stuff on your app to engage your users, they would definitely interact to a greater extent with your company.

Now, you need the right apps to gauge your user retention rate. Using information obtained through these metrics, you need to tailor content for your audience.

Focus on rank feed and content impressiveness

For business apps, rank feed and content impressiveness are two of the most crucial metrics to gauge user retention.

  • Rank feed: Rank feed refers to the process through which you get all the content or stories on your app organized. This ensures that you can always put the most relevant content first, followed by the others in decreasing order of relevance. In the process, you can optimize the value of your feed to the users. Besides, monitoring your rank feed helps in nudging the users towards the desired action.
  • Content impressiveness: Content impressiveness refers to the extent to which your readers are happy or satisfied with the stuff you post. Simply considering the time spent on the page is not enough, as this includes the loading time as well. Eventually, you need to know the effective time that the users spend on your app.

Integrating sophisticated tools, it becomes easy to enhance your user retention. Successful ventures capitalize on dynamic software to enhance the relevance of their content.


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