Commercial Truck Accidents-Dangers and Causes

Commercial truck accidents can be extremely dangerous. According to statistics, approximately 15 million trucks drive on the roads of California and about 500,000 people get seriously injured due to commercial truck accidents. The death rate is even more alarming due to these truck accidents. About 4500 to 6500, people lose their lives every year due to these unfortunate crashes. This the main reason why people seek the help of a car accident lawyer near me to deal with the after-effects.

 According to the motorcycle accident lawyer near me, one of the main reasons for these deadly truck accidents is the massive weight and size of the trucks. Since the trucking consumer demand is growing at a steady rate in California, the number of trucks is also increasing on the roads. The trucking industry puts its drivers under extreme pressure to carry more load in a short time, which is one of the major reasons for the truck accident. In such cases, it becomes extremely important to consult a truck accident lawyer near me to deal with the losses. 

Let us know more about the causes of these fatal truck accidents.

Causes of Truck accidents in San Diego

There are several causes of truck accidents in San Diego. The major reasons are:

  1. Unsafe acceleration or speeding to cover long distances in a short time
  2. Disobeying the rules of the road by truck drivers
  3. Failure to apply proper breaks
  4. Overloading of trucks
  5. Careless or rash driving
  6. Drug abuse by truck drivers
  7. Truck drivers driving trucks without adequate rest
  8. Improper truck maintenance
  9. Vehicular Blind spots
  10. The poor condition of tires or under-inflated tires

Dangers in Commercial Truck Accidents:

There are several dangers associated with truck accidents. It is an obvious fact that the damage caused by a large truck is much more than the damage caused by standard vehicles in case of collision. A typical vehicle weights approximately 3000 pounds whereas a big commercial truck weighs around 80000 pounds. Seeing at the figures, it is clear that when a commercial truck collides with a standard vehicle, the damages are more than serious. This the main reason, why truck drivers have to be very serious while driving. 

Off lately, the trucking industry has managed to get the weight capacity carried by trucks to 97000 pounds. The plea behind the increase was to improve to transport efficiency, but this has put the safety of motorists and car drivers in even more danger. 

The crash rate of trucks is increasing at a steady rate in San Diego. It is much greater than the passenger vehicle crash rate. Manufacturers of heavy trucks do not test their vehicles for crashworthiness safety unlike manufacturers of passenger vehicles do. The dangers associated with big trucks affect everyone who shares the road with them.

How can a Commercial Truck Accident Injury Attorney help?

In case you or your near one has been injured in a commercial truck accident, a commercial truck attorney can help you deal with the aftermath. A person involved in a commercial truck accident faces severe consequences like the burden of medical expenses, loss of earning, wrongful death, physical pain, or physical impairment. There is a wide scope of damage that could fall under truck accidental claim and only an experienced attorney can help you know about your legal rights under such circumstances.

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