Getting a Singapore Citizenship: What Your Journey Will Look Like

They say that home is where the heart is, but what if yours is in Singapore? You might be one of those people whose dream is to become an official citizen of the Lion City. If so, there is a considerably long process that you need to complete in a Singapore citizenship application. With your lifelong dream to live in the country, you can expect that the end journey would be worth it. When that moment comes, you will see yourself as a different person practising values just like how a Singaporean should be. While some may see this as an exaggeration, but you must always remember that your heart is in place!

A country that is a step ahead when it comes to technology, Singapore has always been looked up to with their savvy business practices. Thanks to their efforts in urban planning, business ecosystem, and working on using cleaner energy, Singapore has been declared as the second smartest city in the world last 2017! Hence, it would not come as a surprise to know that foreigners are taking opportunities to work and live there. With a relatively safe and modern environment, ex-pats move to Singapore in large numbers every year. This year, you might become one of them.

In this article, you will see the journey of becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) in Singapore. It will start from the challenges and processes that you will encounter to be able to secure citizenship. It includes eligibility requirements, the application process, and a long-term plan. Following that, you will get to know how good your life will be as a Singapore citizen. If those got you enticed, you must know how you can have a seamless application process with the help of an immigration consultancy! With them, you will get closer to your dreams. Once you know how their approach works, you can now enjoy the perks of being a Singapore citizen! Let this be your guide into your journey into your new home.


What it Takes to Be a Singapore Citizen

Aside from having the skin that can endure the tropical climate that has no sharply divided seasons in Singapore, you must also know that there are other challenges that you need to overcome if you want to become a PR and, eventually be called an official citizen. Before getting into anything else, you must know their differences. 


Permanent Residence and Singapore Citizenship

There are two options available that will allow you to enjoy living in Singapore: permanent residence and Singapore citizenship. The former can only enjoy a fraction of the benefits that a citizen has. Although, its application process is considerably easier since you would only have fit into one criterion among its terms. Singapore citizenship application, however, you would need to be a PR for at least two years. Three years of residence if you are a PR studying in the country and you should at least passed one national examination.

Moving forward, here are some of what it takes to become a Singapore citizen:


Eligibility Requirements

Completing your Singapore citizenship application documents is the first step you need to take to begin your journey. Of course, even if you have the right documents, you must be eligible to apply first. Here are some of the eligibility requirements that you need to fit into before you can officially be an SC:

  • You must be 21 years old and above, and you also have been a PR in Singapore for the last 2 years. Applying together with your spouse and any unmarried children aged below 21 either born to you or adopted by you is also an allowable requirement.
  • You have been a PR for the last 2 years and legally married to a Singapore Citizen throughout those years as well.
  • You are a child born to Singaporean parents or have been legally adopted by a Singapore Citizen.
  • You are a PR student pursuing an education in Singapore. Additionally, you have been residing in Singapore for more than 3 years. Lastly, you should prove that you have passed at least 1 national exam in your stay.
  • You are a PR and an aged parent of a Singapore Citizen.

These are the only people who would be allowed to become a Singapore citizen. If you have observed, you must be a PR first before you can be considered in your application. For a Singapore PR eligibility, you must be:

  • A spouse of a SC or a Singapore PR
  • A child under 21 years of age born to or adopted by an SC or PR
  • An aged parent of an SC
  • A holder of Employment Pass or SingPass
  • A student studying in Singapore
  • A foreign investor in Singapore

Application process

Once you get past the eligibility requirements, you are now ready to apply to be an SC! For an SG citizenship application, you can expect to go through stages in your application process. Here is what is likely to happen:

  1. You submit an application and all of your required documents through e-Service. You’ll need a SingPass account to submit your application. If you do not have an account, you can apply via your sponsor’s SingPass account.
  2. An interview with an Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will confirm that what you have submitted is true and correct. Once approved, you shall receive an Approval in Principle letter which stands as a go signal to go on with your application.
  3. Complete the educational program called Singapore Citizen Journey (SCJ) to learn about Singapore and its culture. 
  4. Renounce your original citizenship. Since Singapore does not allow dual citizenship, you will have to surrender your previous passport to be permitted to have a Singaporean passport.
  5. Register for Singapore citizenship. Here, you will need to present the renunciation letter from your embassy and attend the Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty (ORAL). After that, you apply for the NRIC and Singaporean passport.

Even with the expectation of a 6-12 months processing period, some people wait longer. It might test your determination, but as long as your application is strong, you can wait in confidence.

Lifelong plan

If you wish to strengthen your citizenship application, you can include a long-term or lifelong plan on how you will make it out as a citizen in Singapore. It is not included in the requirements that you need to pass, but it can make your application stand out. What you can put here is your goals, especially what you aim to achieve for the next 10 years. Note that all of them should be grounded in reality. Avoid exaggerating, especially if it does not align with your financial capabilities. Knowing that Singapore is one of the countries that have a high cost of living, you should revolve around what you can do!


Is It Worth It to Become a Singapore Citizen?

With an SC standing, you can enjoy plenty of perks. Hence, it would be easy for you to answer this question. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect to receive once you become an SC:


Ease of travel

Being a Singapore passport holder, you can enjoy a few travel restrictions in some countries. It will serve as your key to access 190 countries and territories visa-free or visa on arrival. With this, You can say goodbye to the long processes of visa application if you want to pursue your citizenship in the country!


If you have plans on making a career shift after you have a successful Singapore citizenship application, you can enjoy rewards in your employment journey! You must know that most companies in the country prefer to hire citizens and PRs than foreigners because they know that they have good qualities. It also gives them ease of process because there is less paperwork to be done. 

Opportunities in education

Whether you have a child or you are currently pursuing an educational degree, you must maximise your chances of getting a quality education with Singapore’s Edusave Scheme. Here, the government will aid your education journey through fees to give you relief on expenses! It will allow you to shift your focus into studying hard and pursuing a career that you would want to have in the future.

Healthcare treatments

Affordable primary healthcare is what the Singapore government promises to provide to all its citizens. Through Medifund, low-income Singapore citizens will receive help in paying for expensive medical treatments if they belong to the eligibility criteria that has been set. Clinics are also always accessible to reach out to every citizen living in the country!

Parenthood incentives

If you have a child who is a Singapore citizen, they are eligible to receive the incentives in the Baby Bonus Scheme. It is the government’s way of making a centre-based child and infant care an accessible option. Trust that your child will live in comfort because the government is supportive of parents’ decision to have more children. Hence, by helping to ease the financial burden of raising children, you can give your child a bright future in the country!


How Can an Immigration Consultancy Help You

When it comes to relocating to Singapore, you do not have to do it alone. There are immigration specialists, consultants, and reliable agencies that work to guide people like you. From your Singapore PR application to your citizenship, you can trust that they will make the process easy for you! Here is how they can help:


Increase your chances of success

These workers are trained and experienced to give you a better chance of becoming a Singapore citizen. With their in-depth knowledge of the application process, you can trust that they know what must be done to up your chances. Your long-term plans are one of the things that they can organise for you to up your game in your application!

Gather all your documents

Are you too busy with your current work but do not want to miss the opportunity of becoming a Singapore citizen this year? If so, your immigrant consultant will be the one who will process the application for you. They will let you know what documents they will need from you so they will be the ones to submit everything that ICA requires from you!

Update you with your status

The waiting game can induce a rollercoaster of emotions. However, knowing your application status will relieve you of these heightened emotions. Trust that your immigration consultant will be on top of your application. They will be consistent in updating you with your status, so feel free to ask them about it!


Do You Want to Relocate in Singapore? Let Singapore Professional Immigration Consultancy be Your Helping Hand!

Turning your dreams into reality is always a challenging process. You will face plenty of hardships before you even get a view of the finish line. In the process of your Singapore citizenship application, you can expect a long-winding road as well. While the beginning of it is always the hardest, you can always ask for help. With Singapore Professional Immigration Consultancy assistance in your immigration process, you can get a head start on your journey to becoming a Singapore citizen.

They are a Singapore-based immigration consultancy providing extensive and comprehensive immigration services to cater to the demands and needs of today’s profession and individuals. Their goal is to help foreigners, like you, apply for and get their PR application granted effectively and successfully. More than that, you can trust them to be by your side to guide, advise, and be with you throughout the application process.

Immigration is a life-changing decision, and you would want to have certainty that your Singapore citizenship will be the cause of your life to be in a better place. If this is something that you want to happen in your life, it is time that you send Singapore Professional Immigration Consultancy a message on their website to know the process of becoming a new citizen. 

You can send them a message about application fees and other requirements on their contacts page to get started today!

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