What Can You Expect from a Korean Eyebrow Embroidery?

A person’s face is perhaps the most important human art object. Aside from having a critical role in physical attractiveness, it has the most powerful “channel” of nonverbal communication. This is expected from a part of their body that is called to be “the organ of emotion.” The face is an important channel of identity; friends and acquaintances can recognize us before a word is said. It develops as a person does, from infancy, into adulthood, crossing into middle age, and finally into the senior years–always retaining features already prominent in childhood. Going past physical appearance, the face is a good tool to encode messages that people may find difficult to analyse. Through facial expressions, people could detect emotions right away!

Cosmetics, colouration, hair length and style, and other qualities all figure in perceptions of physical attractiveness. People, at this time, can even have a choice to modify this most personal art object through piercings of the face, or through having eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. It is their way of adorning themselves to feel better about themselves. As the world gains more access to advanced technology, it would not be a surprise that people would seek such aesthetic procedures, and there is nothing wrong with it!

In this article, we will indulge in people’s search for beauty. Specifically, the trend that revolves around eyebrow embroidery. Here, you will learn about the psychological effects of looking beautiful and what started the trend of Korean eyebrow embroidery. If you are interested in knowing what the procedure would look like, this article covers it as well. Lastly, we would conclude with knowing how you can handle this newfound confidence!


Psychological Effects of Looking Beautiful

Beauty may be ever-elusive, but it has always been pursued by poets and artists. They put value on it beyond reason. Using words and paint, they try to define it to something comprehensible and tangible. Nonetheless, the everlasting quote that goes, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” remains to keep their art supported by a niche crowd. However, this is not a matter to them. For them, what they only have to do is feed their hunger for creating something that appeals to them. This applies to you when you want to enhance the way you look by getting semi-permanent makeup or getting your hair styled. Hence, the question emerges, what does looking beautiful do to you? Here are what you can expect:


You cannot stop looking at yourself

A person’s brain is wired to look at people’s attractiveness more than one glance. The brain treats it as a reward system that generates pleasure likened to when you taste good food but, this time, it is when you look at your beautiful self. As a result, you may find it irresistible to take a look at your face or body whenever you pass by a mirror or a surface that can reflect what you look like. It may be a bad effect on others, but why should you deprive your brain of producing happy thoughts when you look at yourself?

A change in behaviour

Following the activity that your brain experiences when it looks at something beautiful, you can expect that there would be a change in behaviour in yourself. What happens is that you seek more beautiful things since you have found out you like looking at them. For instance, now that you know that your semi-permanent eyebrows highlight your face shape, you tend to find a similar person who has the same face shape as you because you know they are beautiful. Hence, your brain gets addicted to this experience, leaving you wanting to make yourself look even more beautiful!

You can converse with people better

Eye contact is essential for effective communication. It keeps the person who you are talking with engaged in the discussion. For beautiful people, this is not a problem. They can stay focused on the conversation because they know how they look in front of another person. Since they are more confident, they no longer hesitate to say what they want to say as well. Hence, if you have had awkward conversations in the past because you were too conscious of what you look like, improving your looks and facial aesthetics can make it all better!


The Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Trend

Eyebrows are more than just hair that we see on our face. It is a crucial part of it. Aside from its function to keep your sweat and rainwater from reaching and irritating your eyes, this pair plays a huge role in facial recognition as well. It has been said that people remember faces better when they see their eyebrows, and it would be a good impression to have a neat and tidy look!

With this, people have swarmed streaming platforms to find what it takes to get perfect eyebrows. While some are lucky enough to only need a trim to give their pair a good shape, some have been unfortunate to have thin and sparse eyebrows. It can be a struggle to get the right look. If this resonates with you, it is time that you look into Korean eyebrow embroidery.

What is Korean eyebrow embroidery? In its simplest definition, this is a semi-permanent makeup solution that requires making tiny incisions on the eyebrow area to create a thicker, straighter eyebrow shape. It is popularised in Korea and it has long been recognised by neighbouring countries, including Singapore.

Ever since this trend emerged, you can see salons left and right that offer eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. While it can save you from a time-consuming search for the best one, you should not go to the first one you find near you. As much as possible, take time to keep yourself informed of what makes a particular salon good. Also, you must know the procedure to ready yourself and your eyebrows for a procedure that you will be taking for the first time.


What Happens in a Korean Eyebrow Embroidery Procedure?

While the trend is a hasty word to describe the popularity of Korean eyebrow embroidery, you must know that this procedure can last you a couple of years. Its longevity is the quality that women like about it, who would want to go for years worrying about the amount of time dedicated to your eyebrows? Hence, let this procedure save you from that trouble.

If you have already found a salon that would take you closer to your eyebrow goals, you must be aware of what the procedure will look like. Read on further to know what happens before, during, and after the procedure.

Here is how your procedure will likely go:


Before the procedure

First, it will be helpful to discuss why you are considering the procedure in the first place. Expressing your goals and worries can help your brow specialist understand what you are looking for, so they can offer you the right advice. For instance, are you only taking this procedure to address your problems with having thin eyebrows? Do you want to have fuller brows, or are you interested in getting the trendy misty brow look to avoid having to do your makeup every day?

These are the concerns you must communicate with your specialist first so you know that you are making the right investment!

During the procedure

On the day of your procedure, your eyebrow specialist will start by applying a numbing cream to the area. It would take 30 minutes for it to sit with your skin. So, when the effects of the anaesthetic cream finally set, your eyebrow specialist will begin outlining your preferred brow shape. Trust that they will make it as natural looking as possible.

After wiping the cream off, they will start filling in the sparse brows using the microblading technique. The entire procedure usually lasts for about two to three hours, depending on how much hairs you need to fill the space.

After the procedure

When all the brow strands are already filled, you will notice that your eyebrow area is swollen and slightly reddish, and the ink will look very dark. But, do not worry because it will eventually fade and look more natural after a few days.

Scabs are also a possibility to appear in the area, so avoid scratching them to avoid infections. Your specialist will also recommend some creams to speed up the healing process of your new brows.


A Brand New Confidence

Confidence is not something that can be learned like a set of rules. It might be said that confidence is a state of mind. It would take positive thinking, practice, training, knowledge and talking to other people are all useful ways to help improve or boost your confidence levels. More than that, confidence comes from feelings of well-being, acceptance of your body and mind, belief in your ability, skills and experience. Confidence is an attribute that most people would like to possess.

In the development of self-confidence, many of your daily tasks and situations may change or perform other roles in the friendship. It is what you should do when you get caught up in a relationship with others.

Here is how you can improve your confidence:


Planning and preparation

People often feel less confident about new or potentially difficult situations. Perhaps the most important factor in developing confidence in planning and preparing for the unknown. Learning and research can help you feel more confident about your ability to handle situations, roles and tasks. Giving you more chances to succeed in life!


If you believe that you can achieve something then you are likely to work hard to make sure you do if however, you don’t believe that you can accomplish a task then you are more likely to approach it half-heartedly and therefore be more likely to fail. The trick here is convincing yourself that you can do something, even if it is as simple as preparing yourself for an eyebrow embroidery procedure, with the right help, support, preparedness and knowledge.

Being sociable

Ideally, this will be someone that you see regularly, a work colleague, a family member or a friend or somebody with a lot of self-confidence who you would like to mirror. Observe them and notice how they behave when they are being confident. How do they move, how do they speak, what do they say and when? How do they behave when faced with a problem or a mistake? How do they interact with other people and how do others react to them?

Speaking to and being around confident people will usually help you to feel more confident. Learn from others who are successful in fulfilling the tasks and goals that you wish to achieve, so let their confidence rub off on you.


Gaining experience and taking the first step can, however, be very difficult. Often the thought of starting something new, like getting semi-permanent eyebrows, is worse than actually doing it. This is where preparation, learning and thinking positively can help. It is time that you apply what you have learned and take control of your thinking because these are what you would need to have more of life!


Dreamlash as Your Go-To Eyebrow Embroidery Studio

Having luscious-looking brows is what most girls aim to have, and eyebrow embroidery is their key to unlock the beautiful features of their face. What may surprise you is how accessible it is today to get one for yourself. With Dreamlash, you can get aesthetic procedures that appeal to you. It includes eyelash extensions, last lift and tint, eyelash regrowth, eyebrow embroidery, among many others! They advocate using safe techniques that follow how Koreans do it. Knowing the value that Koreans put in their face and body care, you can be assured that you would receive the same delicateness under their care.

If you want to get semi-permanent eyebrows, you should be ready to also follow the maintenance you have to do to keep them and maximise your investment. You can start by booking a slot on Dreamlash’s website so you can become a more confident person!

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