Factors to consider before buying a juicer

Every equipment user talks of one primary consideration, “having the right tool for the job.” For those who have just learned about the importance of juicing and thinking of owning one, choosing the right juicer can be an arduous task.

Besides, not all juicers are equal; they differ in different factors; from time efficiency, speed to capacity, and even maintenance level. So, for those who need to hydrate with a sweet and nutritious beverage but are having problems choosing the best juicer. In that case, here is a list of all essential factors to consider making a purchase.

Ease of Use

As much as there is a manual provided, check if the instructions are easy to follow. These machines are made to make work easier not to serve stress while using them. So, spend time looking for the juicer with configurations that are time-saving and easy to use.

Is It Versatile?

There can be times when one feels like juicing soft fruits and sometimes leafy greens and vegetables. The question here is, what else can the juicer do? So, check the juicer’s ability to process a variety of fruits or vegetables.

First, find out the type of fruits or vegetables to be juiced and consider choosing a juicer that best works for one’s juicing needs. Also, check for any extended functionality. For instance, some additional accessories make a juicer act as a food processor. Such may be ideal for those who lack food processors.

Time Efficiency

Different juicers have different speeds. So, for those in a hurry moving from one place to another corner, check the speed of operation of a juicer and choose one with high speed to help save on time. But those willing to spare time should opt for a slower model.

Still, there are juicer models that have variable speed control. Such gives the owner the power to control the speed of the operations. But, one must be reasonable with their expectations, never load too many fruits or vegetables, then expect it to speed beyond its limits.

Ease of Maintenance

Most people, especially the busy ones, are going for an easy clean. Those models with fewer parts limit their time spent on washing or cleaning. Therefore, avoid sophisticated models and find ones that are easily cleaned.

Check On The Juice Yield.

The juice yield is one of the most significant ways to measure the effectiveness and quality of a juicer. Most people used the quantity of output to determine the juicer’s efficiency. So, pay attention to the details on juice yield before bringing one home and take one with the highest juice yield.

Check On the Budget

Just like most things in the market, juicers differ in prices. The more advanced a juicer, the more money is needed for them. Besides, there are entry-end and high-end juicers with different specifications and capabilities. Therefore, choose the juicer that favors estimated budget needs.


Depending on the manufacturers, a different juicer may have different warranty levels. So, check where warranties are serviced and what is covered or not covered.

Finally, different juicer models have various properties. So look for a juicer easy to clean, versatile, easy to use, and most importantly, time efficient. Also, one must consider a juicer that meets their nutritional needs.

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