Modular Kitchen Trends For The Year 2020

The modular kitchen has gained quite a lot of popularity and with the year 2019 coming to an end, it is time to look at new trends that are set to make a mark in the year 2020. The trends set to dominate the year 2020 show an affinity for trendy designs where cabinets, storage spaces, kitchen islands etc. are concerned, vibrant coloured themes complete with unique layouts and amazing designs and patterns.

In fact the year 2019 saw an emergence of the clean, healthy, green and open kitchen concept. This is also set to continue and gain even more prominence in the coming year. Some of the concepts and themes which will revolutionise the installation of the modular kitchen Bangalore are:

  • Colour domination: The concept of the modular kitchen shows an amazing amalgamation of beauty and utility, particularly in the kitchen cabinets that are designed. It is also the kitchen cabinets which are set to make their mark with the use of bold and royal colours which are eye-catchy and bold. Lighter colours seem to have gone out of flavour and the dominant colours for the coming year are set to be navy, black, plum, emerald green etc.
  • Kitchen Island: The presence of the kitchen island adds a certain style to the whole kitchen. It is also that show-stopper which has the capacity of transforming a modular kitchen from the ordinary to the extra-ordinary. The selection of the kitchen island has gained popularity because of paucity of available space which makes it impossible to build kitchen cabinets without appearing claustrophobic and overpowering. But care should be taken to ensure that the design of the kitchen cabinet, the colours and texture chosen and the placement are done in a way that it is able to maximise the space available.
  • Creativity: The concept of modular kitchen has gained quite a lot of popularity in the past years. This popularity is only expected to see a huge surge in the year 2020 with creativity dominating the concept. Thus sleek, trendy, elegant, unique designs which are easy to manage, durable and time saving are set to dominate in the coming year.
  • Countertop: The popular choice this year seems to oscillate between quartz and granite. Even though these countertops are somewhat difficult to clean yet at the same time easy to maintain with the right cleaning agents, the end-effect of a polished shiny countertop is well-worth the effort. The variety available in choosing quartz or granite is another factor which is increasing its allure.
  • Storage ideas: Clever and intelligent ideas to maximise the available kitchen space for storing kitchenware, spices, appliances, utensils, pantry products etc., is set to make its presence felt with a force this coming year.

Simple designs which are able to hide the clutter, make the kitchen look clean and crisp and at the same give the perception of space, are set to make an impact for the year 2020. Thus it would not be wrong to say that modular kitchens are all set to make a dramatic impact in the coming year.

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