Best breakfast and brunch spots in Perth

The first meal of the day is typically associated with relaxation and sleepiness. It’s usually the meal that takes the longest to eat – there are no time constraints, everyone has all day if they need it, so it can be enjoyed at a relaxed pace. It’s no wonder that most people regard it as the best meal of the day.

Most would agree that breakfast is probably not the most difficult meal to cook, given its simple components; however, cooking brunch (breakfast + lunch) correctly certainly requires skill – there are many different components involved.

Perth has undergone a brunch boom in recent years, and some of the best cafés and restaurants have developed interesting and delicious menus for this meal. This article attempts to provide a list of some of the top brunch spots around Perth.

Noodle Canteen, Perth CBD

This simple, yet effective menu includes a great range of Asian-inspired breakfast and brunch dishes. The highlight from the menu is the Pork Belly Congee – slow-cooked pork belly served with soft boiled egg, peanuts, and soy sauce. It’s a combination that you wouldn’t necessarily think to put together yourself, but it definitely works. The flavors complement each other well, and it’s a hearty yet satisfying dish.

The Noodle Canteen is an underground dining experience – there are no windows, just walls covered with graffiti art. It’s located underneath the Piccadilly Cinema in central Perth. By night it transforms into an Asian bar/club called Noi, which has a strong reputation in Perth.

The Commoner, East Perth

This all-day dining restaurant has an interesting breakfast and brunch menu, which includes everything from your usual eggs on toast to more adventurous dishes like the Corn Fritter Stack with smoked salmon, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. Many people’s personal favorite is The Commoner Burger – a beef patty with cheese, bacon and red onion marmalade served with rosemary fries.

The decor of the restaurant is stylishly rustic – it gives off a sense that you are dining in an old English manor house. The location of the restaurant overlooks King’s Park, so if you’re there on a clear day, you’ll have great views of the city. It’s definitely one of Perth’s most picturesque brunch spots.

The Standard, West Leederville

This is another interesting restaurant with a good range of food options, which includes everything from ricotta hotcakes to brioche French toast, served with fruit and maple syrup. The Standard has quite an interesting decor – it’s basically a large shipping container with an open front, converted into a restaurant. The outdoor seating is very popular in the summer, but the interior of the restaurant provides a great ambiance for those less brave weather-wise. The food there gets quite good reviews – people flock there for brunch regularly, and that’s why it’s one of the best breakfast and brunch spots in Perth.

Eagles’ Nest, Scarborough Beach

The Eagles’ Nest is located on top of a hill with panoramic views overlooking the Indian Ocean and surrounding area. It’s certainly one of the best spots to watch sunsets in Perth; however, it also has quite an interesting brunch menu – although it’s not the most extensive. It includes dishes such as fresh juices, pancakes, and poached eggs. The highlight from this menu has to be their Eggs Benedict – it has quite a unique take on the classic dish. The poached egg is served with avocado puree instead of ham or bacon, and it’s garnished with rocket leaves and chives. It’s definitely an interesting change.

Mamak, CBD, and Fremantle

Arguably one of the most popular Asian restaurants in Perth, Mamak offers a traditional Malaysian menu, including dishes such as roti canai and Chinese-inspired congee. It’s an interesting restaurant to eat at; you pay first and then they bring the food out to you. The menu includes many vegetarian options as well as seafood and meat-orientated dishes. Mamak has two locations – one in central Perth and one in Fremantle.


There are a lot of interesting breakfast and brunch spots in Perth, especially for those who don’t want to eat at the same old places. These five restaurants will keep your taste buds happy and satisfied. After reading this article, if you think you would appreciate some company, you can try out the Perth Escorts at Ivy Societe.

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