Disposal Services in Singapore: How to Safely Discard These 8 Items

One of the most hassling parts of moving is figuring out how to properly pack hazardous materials before sending them to a disposal service in Singapore. This step is necessary as improper disposal can result in several risks to human health and the environment, such as contamination and pollution.

Besides the evident harmful effects of improper disposal, there are laws and regulations the government enforces that everyone must follow. Failure to comply can result in fines or other issues.

However, you may not be familiar with how to ensure that you follow safety measures when disposing of these materials. In this article, learn about how you can properly throw these eight household items before hiring a moving company in Singapore. Continue reading for more information.


Disposal Services in Singapore: How to Safely Discard These 8 Items


Never consider pouring leftover paint down into your sink. Aside from water pollution, these products contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, which interact with oxygen to form ozone. This process contributes to global warming and air pollution. If you dispose of these things, keep them in their original containers or other durable cases.

Aside from sending them to disposal services in Singapore, you can choose to give them to your neighbours or friends who might need them.


These items, especially the large ones, can be a hassle to move to your new home. Furthermore, you may be considering buying new ones as they are old or broken. Additionally, you cannot throw your smaller appliances like your microwave into a dumpster as they contain components that have detrimental environmental effects.

Consider recycling first before contacting a disposal service in Singapore. You can also donate them to local organisations if they need your appliances.


Like the previous point, your laptops and desktops have components like chromium that can harm the environment. Contact your local disposal service in Singapore if you want to discard them. Additionally, you can donate them to thrift stores and community centres, provided they are still functioning correctly.

Listed below are some of the steps you need to take before donating your computer:

  • Save essential files
  • Clean your hard drive
  • Uninstall programs
  • Delete browsing history

Remember that scammers and other security threats can happen when you dispose of your computers improperly. If you are having difficulty cleaning your hard drive, you can choose to wipe your data by physically destroying the hardware. While it is a waste, some companies cannot allow sensitive data leaks. After smashing your drives, remember to send them to disposal services.



Since there are two types of batteries: reusable and single-use ones. You may need to take necessary precautions to avoid harming the environment, depending on which type of product you have.

For reusable batteries, these items contain metals and chemicals that are hazardous. Therefore, you can send them to disposal services that have recycling centres. Other electronic stores may also offer recycling services. On the other hand, single-use batteries are safe to throw in your trash can, provided that they are empty.

Cleaning Supplies

Most, if not all homes have hazardous chemicals in their cabinets for various purposes. Some of these include:

  • Fertilisers
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Gasoline
  • Swimming pool chemicals
  • Household cleaning products

Throwing these products down the drain is illegal due to their hazardous nature. Fortunately, there are disposal services in Singapore that offer drop-off facilities where professionals can handle them. Before discarding them, remember to follow the following rules to avoid issues:

  • Store chemicals in secure containers
  • Label each container appropriately
  • Never mix chemicals



Depending on the product, medicines are safe to throw down the drain. However, avoid discarding them at a dumpster as addicts and thieves can use them for their purposes. To prevent this, you can choose to mix them with things like your pet litter. Store them in secure containers while checking that no information is available to determine its content. However, contacting your nearest disposal service is the safest method to ensure that professionals handle these items.


For older tv models, these items contain lead, which is harmful to the environment. Should you need to discard them, consider checking with your local electronics stores if they have recycling programs in place. Additionally, there are disposal services in Singapore that have this option available.

If you have a broken television screen, store the glass shards in a secure and durable container instead of plastic, as they are dangerous to handle.

Sharp Items

It makes sense to discard your old or dull knives and other sharp items before moving to your new home. However, throwing these things in a dumpster is illegal without implementing specific safety measures. Place these items in a safe container. Wrap the sharp sides in a newspaper, and contact your local disposal service in Singapore. Additionally, your moving company may offer suggestions on how you can discard them.


Proper disposal is necessary for dangerous materials due to their hazardous nature and risks to other people. However, there are things you need to know regarding how to discard them while minimising their environmental impact.

You can consider sending items, such as your appliances and computers, to disposal services with recycling stations or donate them to organisations that need them. On the other hand, chemicals like paint and cleaning agents require secure containers to avoid contamination.

Therefore, you should research proper disposal methods for materials that are hazardous to the environment before hiring a moving company in Singapore. Aside from their impact on the planet, there are rules and regulations the government enforces on everyone. Following them ensures that no issues will add to the hassle of moving to your new home.

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