An introduction to the building survey

A building survey is an assessment of a building that is concerned with the condition of aspects of the structure without focusing on value. A survey will provide detailed and comprehensive information on the condition of a building following an extensive inspection carried out by a surveyor. This process is part of moving home and can provide great peace of mind.

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A formal overview

Generally carried out by chartered surveyors, the surveys are presented as a stand-alone report that gives an overview of a property at a particular time. All buildings can benefit from a survey, including listed buildings and older buildings. Buildings that are facing renovation as well as those that have already been renovated or altered also come under this umbrella. Buildings that are being purchased, such as private homes, will require a survey.

The survey will help you to make an informed decision when buying the property, or when organising for repairs, maintenance or upgrading the building. The survey will deliver detailed advice on the condition and will identify potential or possible hidden defects in the building. The survey can also make recommendations regarding any further actions that need to be taken before continuing to the purchase.

Home’s interior, exterior and outbuildings surveyed

The interior and exterior will be inspected, along with all of the permanent outbuildings on the property. The surveyor will also look at the electricity, gas or oil, water system and heating as well as drainage. Homeowners on the move who require a building survey London have plenty of choices when it comes to professionals. They include Sam Conveyancing, which promises a high-quality professional service.

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What can be identified through a building survey?

The most common issues discovered through a formal survey will be noticeable defects and structural movement, including subsidence. The surveyor will also identify problems such as deterioration that is occurring due to rising damp and penetrating damp, as well as rot or infestations such as woodworm.

Issues can also be identified with the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems as well as any property alterations that may have been carried out at the home in the past. Environmental and legal issues that require an additional professional to come on board can also be identified through a building survey.

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