Easy steps to increase your internet speed

With the technological development and the coronavirus situation worldwide, there has been an increased reliance on the internet. Many people are livestreaming movies, learning as well as holding meetings through the internet. With such demand, there is nothing as frustrating as a poor internet connection. It is estimated that a person starts getting frustrated when a website loads for more than three seconds. Therefore, it is essential to have a reliable internet bundles Easton that will provide you with a fast and reliable internet solution and ensure that your screen doesn’t freeze while in class, meeting, or streaming your favorite show. Moreover, there are several nontechnical and inexpensive tips that may enable you to increase your internet speed when you experience internet challenges. These are;

Avoid or increase data caps.

Data caps typically set a limit on the amount of data used for some time. When you exceed the limits, the internet service provider will restrict the speed of your internet. You can also increase your limit to increase the amount of data you can utilize for that period.

Reset your rooter everyday

You can be refreshing your internet connection and reset your rooter monthly or weekly. When not reset for an extended period, rooters tend to provide poor connections.

Adjust the position of your rooter

Sometimes you may find that the WI-FI signals aren’t reaching you. When that happens, you should consider repositioning your rooter towards the center of your house to the room you usually use.

Restrict ads

Sometimes there are endless and annoying ads anytime you log into the internet. Ad media usually slow down the internet connection. You can restrict or block ads to increase your internet connections.

Use cabled internet

Even though wireless connections are fantastic and more convenient, cabled internet is faster and more reliable. Ethernet directly gives signals to your device rather than relying on wireless transmissions.

Other ways of increasing your internet speed include; installing a malware scanner, using a streamlined browser, and installing a clear cache plugin. You can also consider having a different internet service provider.

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