7 Modern Mediterranean Decorating Ideas for Your Home

When you think of the Mediterranean, you think of sunlight, deep blue seas, and the romantic view of the coastline hitting the golden shores. The warm and cool tones, different textures, and open spaces draw people into the Mediterranean style.

Don’t worry about spending a fortune to experience such an amorous view because you can recreate this type of architectural style common in Greek, Italian, and Spanish houses–in your home. Here are seven modern Mediterranean decoration ideas you might want to try out.

Mix Rustic with Modern Pieces

Rustic decor and furniture pieces characterize Mediterranean interiors. You’ll notice many Mediterranean homes with wood or tile flooring, high ceilings, and exposed wooden beams. Curved archways and iron gates are also rustic elements you can use for turning your home into a Mediterranean haven.

Mediterranean decor is also about mixing the new and the old. Recreate this style by placing a modern L-shaped sofa and low-height center table on your soft rug. Combining rustic and contemporary elements is one way to recreate an Italian-Mediterranean theme.

Use Natural Elements

Most Mediterranean-themed homes use natural colors and elements. Repaint your walls with grays, creams, rich earth tones such as yellows, beiges, and terra cotta. Olive shades of green and deep ocean blues create a cool and refreshing feeling of being close to the coast. Various units in Savoy Hotel Boracay use different shades of yellow, green, and blue in their walls and built-in storage. Add white to these shades to mimic the stunning view of Portofino, Italy; Santorini, Greece; and Barcelona, Spain.

Play with Texture

A typical Mediterranean home uses textures and patterns, both visually and physically. Stucco, plaster, and tiles render a Mediterranean finish in your home’s interior, just like the old structures back in the Renaissance period. You may recreate this look on your fireplace, walls, and ceilings to give a more organic look in your home.

Let Natural Light in

Natural light is an integral part of Mediterranean interior design. You’ll notice how many homes with this theme incorporate natural light by placing large windows to let sunlight inside. Italian homes add chandeliers in living rooms, foyer, and dining rooms to increase brightness in these areas. The brass finish and crystals also help bounce off natural light, making them shimmer in daylight. A well-illuminated home creates a sense of openness and freedom. You wouldn’t want to live in a dark, gloomy house.

Ditch the Rectangular Windows and Doors

Suppose you are still remodeling your home into a Mediterranean haven. Go for arched windows and doors to recreate the style of homes on the Mediterranean coast. Large circular windows in your bedroom will create the view of beachfront houses as you will be woken up by sunlight and relaxed by the colorful twilight.

Decorate with Colorful Tiles

Introduce colorful Cementine tiles into your bathroom, kitchen counters, and patio to render a Renaissance vibe to your home. You’ll feel like you are in the same period as art masters such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and Donatello.

Decorate your walls, mirrors, pool decks, or hallways with colored tile mosaics. Placing pieces of tiles to form images or patterns is a quick way to recreate the early Greek and Roman cities’ exquisite mosaic art.

Create Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

In Italian- and Spanish-Mediterranean homes, open courtyards are placed in the center of the home and connect to the foyer, living room, dining room, kitchen, and great hall. Spending quality time with family and friends is an integral part of most Mediterranean homes, which is why open entertainment spaces are vital. They serve as party venues and relaxation spots. Open courtyards also allow natural light and ventilation inside the house, making your home more inviting, intimate, and less cramped.

Recreating these Mediterranean interior ideas will make your home a wonderful oasis of warmth, openness, relaxation, style, and elegance. Take a good look at your home and see where you can use these seven tips to mimic the Mediterranean coast’s romantic vibes.

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