Best Smart Watches On The Market

Smartwatches when first released were widely seen as gimmick when they were initially released and a wearable technology that wouldn’t take off. However, fast forward ten years and now we cannot walk down the high street without noticing many consumers wearing a smart watch. Due to this, we have created a list of our favourite smart watches on the market right now. Get your smartwatch in Singapore from Rack85.

[Image: British GQ]

First of all, especially if you are an iPhone user, then there isn’t a watch out there for you other than the new Apple Watch Series 6. This is quite easily the best smart watch on the market due to its always on display, new A13 Bionic chip and improved and new fitness readings such as blood oxygen levels and heart rate monitors make it the watch to buy. The only limitation that the Apple Watch has is that the design hasn’t changed since its first release and Apple might be looking to change that in coming releases.

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Next up, and if you aren’t a fan of Apple and are more of an Android fan, then the best product for you is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. This is more of a classic looking watch with a digital twist and comes with many interchangeable features. The Samsung also delivers on similar performance levels to the Apple Watch Series 6 and it really is a case of whether you are Apple or Android when it comes to which watch is the best for you.

And finally, if you are looking for a watch that is more budget friendly, and primarily a fitness watch, then the FitBit Sense might be the watch for you. This watch is available at just over £200 and is still able to offer a connection with your phone including messages, calls, e-mails and calendar so you are still able to get the smart watch feel on a budget. Further to that, the Sense is also one of the industry leaders when it comes to tracking your fitness goals.

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