2 Tips For Golf Tournament Raffle Prizes

Golf tournaments are a great way to earn money for your organization or cause. Golf can bring people of all different interests and walks of life together for a day of activity and fun. Although for some a day on the course is gratifying enough, many are even more enticed by the idea of winning some of the great raffle prizes. When planning your next gold event, keep these tips for a great raffle in mind.

Appeal to the Golfer

Play to your crowd is what they say, right? Golf gear, equipment, and swag is the perfect thing for golf tournament raffle prizes. If your guests are like most of us, they’ve lost a few balls out on the course. A new box of the most popular golf ball is definitely going to entice them to enter the raffle. And who wouldn’t love the chance to win a new putter or even just a club cover? Prizes can even be as simple as a box of tees or a ball cleaning cloth. It is easy to entice players to enter the raffle when you simply check off the list of things they need to be out on the course. You want every golfer to feel like there are must have items on that raffle table. If you’ve got the latest and greatest gear out there, they’ll all be buying raffle tickets like crazy to win!

Draw Attention to Your Sponsors

Most often, raffle prizes are donated by generous sponsors who want to contribute to your cause. Most often though, they’d also appreciate a bit of recognition. Raffle items are a great way for sponsors to get their name out there. You might look for a bakery who can donate a cake or cookies in boxes with their name all over them. Sponsors could be a clothing store that donates gift cards that will help drive customers into their store, or even clothing items raffled off that come in a bag with their logo printed all over it. Items can be big or small, but companies are smart to use this as a subtle way of getting their name out there. And always, as the host of the tournament or raffle, be sure to mention all sponsors you can throughout the tournament. This helps them feel appreciated and noticed and will keep them coming back year after year.

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