3 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Party in Bad Weather

More and more hosts are turning to outdoor spaces for their large events. Unfortunately, bad weather can quickly turn a garden party into a soggy, muddy mess. You don’t have to let bad weather ruin your outdoor event. These three tips will help you keep guests comfortable, safe and dry, no matter what mother nature sends your way.

  1. Use a Large Tent to Keep Everything Dry

If you are having a few people in your backyard, you may be able to get by with a small gazebo or pop-up shelter. However, larger gatherings will need more space. Event tents are available in sizes to accommodate almost any group. You will be able to have entertainment and even a portable dance floor installed inside, all under the protected canopy. Talk to local rental agencies to find one that offers installation services on the size shelter you need.

  1. Preserve Landscaped Areas

Foot traffic can do serious damage to turn, especially when it is wet from rain or snow. Dozens of people traipsing across wet grass is a recipe for disaster. Protect the grounds and ensure a slip-resistant walking surface by using portable walkway materials. A few well-placed 100% polyethylene mats will provide comfort and safety without ruing the grass underfoot.

  1. Minimize the Impact of Extreme Temperatures

If you are located somewhere with extreme temperatures, you have some options to keep guests comfortable. Large fans help move air in the summer, which not only reduces the temperature but can also keep pesky bugs at bay. Does winter weather have you worried? Adding sides turns your tent into an enclosure and with a few heaters in the space, everyone should be warm and toasty, even if the temperatures are lower than you anticipated.

You can throw a successful outdoor event in most types of weather. Use helpful aides like tents, enclosures, fans and mats to help guests stay comfortable and safe.

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