Who are the People You Should Seek When Immigrating to Singapore?

Everyone is familiar with the saying, ‘home is where the heart is’ but what does it mean exactly? The concept of home can be expanded beyond being a place. Humans add layers of significance to places that they live, but it may also mean that their home is their family, self, and their gender. For some, when they are with their parents and siblings, they are home. Others, when they are in the place where they feel that they are themselves, or where they flourish professionally or personally. But, it might just so happen that it is not in the country where they were born.

In Singapore, several people feel like that, and you might be one of them. The government feels for them, but they have to undergo a process that would validate their reasons for choosing the country as their new haven. Thankfully, the process of Singapore PR application comes online where people like you can access them.

However, becoming a Permanent Resident (PR) has its limitations, and it does not fully say that you are a citizen of the country. If you want to make yourself a citizen, completing your PR years would allow you to get a citizenship application. With this, you can truly call Singapore your home, both figuratively and literally.

Let this article explore the process with you!


Immigrating to Other Countries: Why Do People Do It?

The intention is a crucial factor when it comes to getting a formal letter of confirmation that indicates you have been accepted to be an official Singapore citizen. Thus, what is your intention in applying for that Singapore citizenship application?

You may have plenty of reasons, but you have to make each of them clear to ensure that the country’s government fully knows and understands your intentions in becoming a citizen. To assist you in creating a strong argument, here are some of the many reasons why people leave their country to live in another:


Competitive professional environment

Highly skilled professional people living in poorer developing countries may have a hard time finding opportunities where they can foster their skills for the greater good, or even for themselves. They think that they deserve more than what they are receiving from their government. As a result, they seek more, and it is valid for them to move to a more competitive professional environment where they flourish.

Often, it is one of the main reasons why people take a shot at Singapore citizenship application online. It gives them a chance to go into innovative companies of technology, a field in which they are highly skilled. Thankfully, these tech companies open their doors to these people, and it might be you!

Family reunification

In the saying, ‘home is where the heart is,’ the home could be a family. Being away from the people who have raised you can be difficult, especially if they are your support system. This reason alone is self-explanatory. People want to be with their family, and if that takes going through an immigration application, they would take it.

Excel in education

Almost the same as professional growth, some students are filling up a US citizenship application or an SG citizenship application because these are the countries that have better educational systems. Whether it is a bachelor’s programme or a graduate programme, each student deserves the opportunity to take higher education. Both countries, fortunately, encourage young people to give their universities a try.


Finding true love happens in unexpected ways and time. In today’s globalised world, long-distance dating is common. It is made possible by international social applications that allow users to meet people from different parts of the world.

In love, distance is only a mere number. If both persons are ready to take the next step of their relationship down the aisle, immigrating to be together would be their obvious choice.

To live a new life

People have different troubled pasts. All of them deserve a new beginning, including you. Whether you were in the middle of a war and violence in your country, you deserve to move to a safer place where you can escape it. If not, and your reason relies on going away for the sake of trying new things for yourself, you also deserve a chance to register for a Singapore PR application online or in other countries where you desire to have a new life.


Why Choose Singapore?

Now that you have examined possible reasons that drive you to immigrate to other countries, you might be in a position to decide which country to live in. With reasons in mind, you should know that Singapore is one of the environments where you can prosper. Thus, it is worth considering having Singapore on your list.

Let these reasons speak for themselves:


A high degree of travel freedom

A premium benefit that every citizen can enjoy is the Singaporean passport. According to the 2021 report of the Henley Passport Index, Singapore citizens have visa-free or visa on arrival access to 192 countries and territories. It is the second most coveted passport among many countries today.

With this in hand, you will have ease of travel with your family and friends. Imagine seeing almost half of the world with one passport. As long as you pass that SG citizenship application, you will truly enjoy every vacation you have out of the country!

Government-aided education

When you become a citizen and you bear a child with your husband, your child is qualified to get government aid for their education. The EdusaveProgramme allows Singapore citizen students to have an Edusave Account where they can receive funds to assist as they pursue education in MOE-founded schools.

Compared to a PR, a citizen will pay lower fees in school and university. Enrolling your children in government primary schools will be free! Therefore, the challenges you encounter when getting Singapore citizenship application documents will be worth it knowing that your children will have a secured education.

Accommodation for purchasing property

Gone are the days when you had to allocate so much money for rental houses in Singapore. When you finally become a citizen, you will be entitled to additional benefits and opportunities in buying a property. In Singapore, there is a national public housing provider called Housing & Development Board (HDB).

They are the body of government you should reach out to when you want to purchase any type of property. When you show them that you have passed your Singapore citizenship application, you can get offers for several subsidies and grants to fund your purchase. As a first-time homebuyer, you can receive more!

Among these top benefits, you will also be living in safer streets, friendly locals, and becoming a part of multicultural communities! Rest assured that you will be living your best when you choose Singapore as your new home. However, the first step to that is completing your application.


Who are the People to Seek When Immigrating to Singapore?

A successful Singapore citizenship application online is not a walk in the park. There is a process of eligibility, documents preparation, interviews, and other necessary procedures for your unique application. Therefore, doing it alone can be challenging. Not only will it cost you to lose your chances, but it will also cause you so much stress.

Thankfully, some people would be open to help you get through that so you can finally get to live your dreams of becoming a Singapore citizen. To know who these people are, take note of this list:


Your immediate family

Blood is thicker than water. Your family will be with you in your application period. When it comes to collating important applications and supporting documents, they can get them for you. For instance, you can ask them to be the one to run a request to get your official birth certificate from your home country, education documents, among other documents needed for your application.

Many applicants rely on their immediate family to help them because they cannot afford the assistance of a firm or consultant to arrange their application for them. Nonetheless, getting your needed Singapore citizenship application documents will be a breeze when you reach out to family members!

Your employer

When you are in Singapore to seize a job opportunity, you should stay for it in the long run. Careers in Singapore are highly competitive and valuable. Building your professional credibility in the country will take you to places! Thus, as you are in the journey of building a company that allows you to flourish, you should inform them that you intend to stay.

Employers are the people who will encourage you to put your skills into practice. Helping them build a legacy, you should get their support in arranging your Singapore citizenship application. They may be the ones who will give you financial aid when it comes to paying the fees for your citizenship processing. If favourable, they may even give you the freedom to get a day off at work to process your application!

An immigration consultancy firm

Last but not least, if you want to have a higher assurance that your application process will be a success, you should get the help of the immigration experts at an immigration consultancy firm. These people have been in the industry for many years, so they know the ins and outs of the application process. They can detect weaknesses in your application that could have put you in a make or break position.

With the helping hands of an immigration firm, your Singapore citizenship application online will be stress-free. Not only that, they can assure you of the higher chances of a successful application. They know the schemes, regulations, and standards that the Immigration Checkpoints Authority (ICA) follows. If you had approached a firm when you applied for a PR, you will likely experience the same success when you seek their help for your citizenship!


Top Tips for Finding a Reliable Immigration Consultancy Firm

There are several immigration consultancy firms that you can get services from, but only a few of them that you can trust. When it comes to finding the most reliable one out of the bunch, follow these tips!


Ask friends and family

Do you have a family member or a friend who has been successful in their citizenship application? If so, ask them if they can recommend to you the firm that helped them prepare and arrange their Singapore citizenship application documents. Trust that they will direct you to the best one because they have experienced their services first-hand.

Trust Google search results

If you do not have any relatives or friends to recommend to you their trusted firm, you can search on your own. With one click, you will see hundreds of firms in an internet search. What is good about searching for them online is that you have many choices. However, you must stay critical when you check them out.

Always check credentials

Firms may claim that they are the best in the business, but they cannot show anything that proves that. Therefore, you must take everything with a grain of salt. Ensure that the firm you approached has had high success rates on Singapore citizenship application processes. Awards, certifications, and accolades can prove that.


Singapore Professional Immigration Consultancy as Your Chosen Firm

Singapore is home to many immigrants who are living their best lives. Here, they are happier and safer. Now that they are away from the conflicts that have held them back, they get to be themselves and flourish in terms of professional careers and personal life. Of course, you can be one of them.

Every citizenship application is unique, and that is the belief that Singapore Professional Immigration Consultancy (SPIC) lives up to. As an immigration consultancy firm, they are dedicated to assisting clients in terms of their unique circumstances. Thus, when you get their services for an SG citizenship application, they will take their time getting to know you to give you a personalised process!

If you want to make Singapore your home for the rest of your lifetime, secure a successful application process with SPIC today. Contact their consultants on their website to get started today!

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