What to look for when you want to buy a satellite phone

The increase in global warming has led to many devastating weather conditions, which usually affect so many activities and lead to catastrophic effects. These devastating effects can lead to a complete whole telecommunication network shutdown or network overload. Therefore, it is essential to prepare for such a moment by looking for sat phone costs and buying one to bypass the entire local system network shutdown.

While you may have never thought of obtaining a sat phone, owning one can help you safely during difficult times. Here are factors to consider when you want to buy one for any occasion

Network coverage

The available satellite phones from different networks cover different areas. It would be best to narrow down your phone choice by considering this factor first. Inmarsat phones work perfectly between 50 degrees North and South latitude because their satellite positioning is over the equator. When you are in mountainous terrain places or outside the Inmarsat coverage range, Iridium will work best for you. Iridium phones have great global range coverage. On the other hand, Thuraya satellite phones work in Europe, Australia, Asia, and some parts of Africa, and Globalstar phones are limited to North American regions.


Most satellite phones for sale have texting capabilities where you can type up to around 140 characters. You can also find email access with some in as much as it can only limit you to email replying. Consider also a safety feature when buying a phone. If you are concerned about your safety, find one with SOS capability and the ability to allow a GPS breadcrumb trail to track you.

Durability and portability

The degree that these satellite phones have when it comes to weather and water resistance varies. Indium makes the toughest in the market. If you are going into challenging areas like a war zone, keep this in mind. The phones also vary in size; the smallest one is easy to carry around everywhere.

Finally, consider the price carefully as you will pay for the phone and airtime cost. Pricing of the phone will rice depending on the quality you want

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