This type of massage is also a good option if you’re new to massage.

Chair rub down is much like a desk rub down in maximum ways, besides that in place of laying on a desk, customers kneel in a specialized chair geared up with a pad and face cradle to aid their head and chest.

Most chairs include extendable armrests for more advantageous higher bodywork, and they’re completely adjustable for peak and comfort. The aim of the use of a chair at some point of rub down changed into to boom the client’s rest.

It can permit them to stay particularly upright and aligned within the seated position. This 오피스타  technique additionally allowed for a greater of a public environment at some point of the rub down itself.

Privacy is needed in different sorts of rub down due to the fact objects of garb are normally eliminated to create accessibility to positive regions of the frame. Since chair rub down offers mainly with the higher extremities and limbs of the frame the client’s garments usually live on.

Advantage of Chair Massage

         Stress Reduction

         Enhanced Circulation

         Increases Physical Flexibility

         A More Vibrant Immune System

         Pain Relief

         Deeper Sleep

         Improved Athletic Performance

         A Brighter Mood

         Better Chronic Disease Management

Where are Chair Massages Performed?

Chair massages can be performed anywhere the equipment fits including:


         Shopping malls


         Conference centers

         Day spas

How is a Chair Massage Performed?

An expert chair rubdown is done with the identical care and precautions as the total desk version. Massage therapists ask customers approximately their desires and bodily limitations. After a short discussion, they’re seated face-ahead within the chair, and modifications are made for comfort. 

Massaging commonly starts with the massive muscle agencies within the top lower back and radiates in the direction of the decrease lower back, shoulders, neck and arms. Because massive muscle agencies help the smaller muscle tissues which might be regularly the web sites of pain, it’s an excellent technique. Massage therapists can also additionally advise unique varieties of massages primarily based totally on a client’s bodily responses, and what they agree with cloud sense best. 

While full-frame desk massages final from half-hour to an hour or more, maximum top frame chair massages require handiest 10–20 minutes, period can also additionally range primarily based totally on need. When the rubdown is complete, the system is sanitized and organized for the subsequent client. 

Offering chair massages vs. table massages

         They Requires Less Space

         Business Costs are Lower

         Revenue Possibilities are Numerous



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